Countries from around the world gathered in Marrakesh for the 22nd Conference of the Parties (COP22) to build on the progress of COP21, focusing on the actions needed to implement and achieve the objectives of the Paris Agreement. ‌Because energy production and use account for two-thirds of global greenhouse gas emissions, transforming the energy sector is essential in addressing the climate challenge. As the world’s leading provider of SOLUTIONS, ANALYSIS, and DATA for the global energy transition, the IEA stands ready to contribute to COP22, with a focus on helping to scale up and speed up the clean energy transition, accelerating sustainable energy access in Africa, and strengthening energy sector resilience to climate impacts.

IEA at COP22

‌‌The IEA organised a number of key events at COP22 to share its latest analysis. A full listing (including presentations) are available here.

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    • The IEA has attended COPs since the first meeting (COP1) in Berlin in order to provide expert advice and support on all facets of energy policy.


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