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IEA and CIAB Workshop Proceedings, Press Releases, Publications and Papers

Workshop Proceedings:

Plenary Meeting Discussions November 2017
Plenary Meeting Discussions November 2016
Plenary Meeting Discussions November 2015
Plenary Meeting Discussions November 2014
Plenary Meeting Discussions November 2013
Plenary Meeting Discussions November 2012
Plenary Meeting Discussions November 2011
Plenary Meeting Discussions November 2010
Plenary Meeting Discussions November 2009
Plenary Meeting Discussions 2008 - Coal Challenges, Energy Security and Climate Change
CO2 Capture and Storage - International Progress & Future Prospects
Coal-to-Liquids - an alternative oil supply? (2007)
Meeting Our Energy Needs - driving forward coal’s role in a clean, clever and competitive energy future (2005)

Press Releases:

CIAB Award presented to Dr Kelly Thambimuthu by CIAB Chairman Mr Preston Chiaro
IEA Coal Industry Award Recognises Importance of Coal in Sustainable Development


An International Commitment to CCS: Priority Actions to Enable CCS Deployment (2017)
An International Commitment to CCS: Policies and Incentives to Enable a Low Carbon Future (2016)
The Impact of Global Coal Supply on Worldwide Electricity Prices (2016)
21st Century Coal: Advanced Technology and Global Energy Solution (2013)
The Global Value of Coal (2012)
Power Generation from Coal - Measuring and Reporting Efficiency Performance and CO2 Emissions (2010)
Clean Coal Technologies - Accelerating Commercial and Policy Drivers for Deployment (2008)
Case Studies in Sustainable Development in the Coal Industry (2006)
Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions - The potential of coal (2005)
Investment in Coal Supply and Use - An Industry Perspective on the IEA World Energy Investment Outlook (2005)
Coal and Sustainable Development - Attitudes and Activity (2003)
Coal in the Energy Supply of India (2002)
A survey of CIAB Members on Coal and Sustainable Development - Volume 1 (2002)
A survey of CIAB Members on Coal and Sustainable Development - Volume 2 (2002)
Coal in the Energy Supply of China (1999)
The Future Role of Coal - Markets, Supply and the Environment (1999)
Regional Trends in Energy Efficient, Coal-Fired, Power Generation Technologies (1998)
International Coal Trade - The Evolution of a Global Market (1998)
Factors Affecting the Take-Up of Clean Coal Technologies - Overview Report (1996)
Industry Attitudes to Steam Cycle Clean Coal Technologies - Survey of Current Status (1995)
Global Methane and the Coal Industry - A Two-Part Report on Methan Emissions from the Coal Industry and Coalbed Methane Recovery and Use (1994)
Industry Attitudes to Combined Cycle Clean Coal Technologies - Survey of Current Status (1994)
Impact of Lower Oil Prices on Utility Coal Use (1988)
Moving Coal - A Study of Transport Systems (1985)
Coal Quality and Ash Characteristics (1985)
Environmental Strategies for Coal Use (1985)
Coal Transport Infrastructure(1984)
Assessment of Environmental Strategy for Coal Use (1984)
Ocean Transport of Coal (1983)
Coal Use and the Environment - Volume 1 (1983)
The Use of Coal in Industry (1982)


2015 Market Report (2015)
2014 Market Report (2014)
2013 Market Report (2013)
2012 Market Report (2012)
2011 Policy Review (2011)
2010 Market Report (2010)
2009 Market Report (2010)
2008 Market Report (2009)
2007 Market Report (2008)
2006 Market Report (2007)
2005 Market Report (2006)
Roadmapping Coal's Future (2005)
2004 Market Report (2005) (2004)
2003 Market Report (2004) (2003)
Demand & Supply Background Paper - from the GB/CIAB Meeting (2003)
Investment Background Paper - from the GB/CIAB Meeting (2003)
Sustainable Development Background Paper - from the GB/CIAB Meeting (2003)
CCT Background Paper - from the GB/CIAB Meeting (2003)
CO2 Storage Brochure - from the GB/CIAB Meeting (2003)
Coal and Sustainable Development - Achieving Balance in Priorities (2002)
A New Future For Coal: World Energy Council Coal Dialogue(2002)
Coal in Perspective(2002)
Coal Between Energy Needs and Environmental Challenges - A Tug of War (2002)
Efficient Coal Use, Energy Diversity, Effective Trading Mechanisms and Compliance (2000)