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The IEA International CCS Law and Regulation Database (CCS Database) catalogues how global CCS legal instruments address key regulatory issues associated with CO2 storage. The aim is to support ongoing efforts by governments to implement CCS permitting frameworks – legal or regulatory provisions that enable CCS, aim to ensure safe and effective capture, transportation and storage of CO2, and manage interaction with other uses of the subsurface – by consolidating and making more accessible information on existing instruments.

The CCS Database enables users to gain an understanding of whether and how specific jurisdictions deal with particular permitting issues, such as long-term liability, and how specific issues are addressed across multiple jurisdictions. It includes information on 34 English-language instruments in place globally, across 26 CO2 storage regulatory issues, providing both high-level summaries on approach and legislative extracts. The CCS Database is searchable by jurisdiction and issue. Information on how the 26 issues have been categorised is available here

The CCS Database has been developed in collaboration with Baker & McKenzie (Sydney) and University College London’s Carbon Capture Legal Programme, amongst others.