If I order a paper copy, is shipment included in the cost and how long does it take to deliver?

Shipment is included in the cost. Orders are sent by DHL to all countries except France, within 1 to 5 days.
In France, orders are sent by Chronopost.

If I order a PDF file, how do I download it? What am I allowed to do with the PDF file?

If you order a PDF file you receive a link and a password to download the PDF file. You can save the file to your disc and you can print it. For more detailed information, please consult our terms and conditions.

I would like to purchase a publication but I cannot pay by credit card. How shall I proceed?

Please place your order on the online bookshop. When you get to the payment page, choose the 2nd option: "Payments by cheque or bank transfer." You will automatically receive a pro forma invoice by email and all information about payment. The order will be dispatched once payment is received.

I have paid by bank transfer and still have not received my ordered item (book or PDF). When will I receive it?

Please send an email to books@iea.org with the proof of payment attached and the ordered item will immediately be sent to you. Please specify your invoice number in all correspondence.

Is it possible to pre-order certain publications?

Some of our publications can be pre-ordered (World Energy Outlook, Energy Technology Perspectives). For any other publications, please contact books@iea.org.

I have tried to order a publication but something has gone wrong and I have received the following error message:
“Transaction already processed (your payment has not been recorded).
We apologize for not being able to process your request, please call the merchant to complete the order.”

In this case your order has not come through and the payment has not been processed. Please try to place your order again. To do so, you need to close your web browser first and re-open it.

What discounts do you offer?

- 30% discount for universities, non-profit organisations, agents and booksellers
- 50% discount for clients based in low and lower middle income countries on the World Bank list of economies
For your discount to be set up, please click here and follow the procedure. Please do not place your order before receiving your confirmation e-mail.

If I were to order several copies of the same IEA publication, am I entitled to a discount?

We offer following discounts on bulk orders:
- 30% for 20-49 copies
- 50% for 50 or more copies
Please contact books@iea.org for your discount to be set up.

Can I be notified of all new IEA publications?

Please register here to receive bookshop notifications for IEA publications.