Oil, Gas, Coal and Electricity - ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTIONQuarterly publication

Edition: 2018

Type: Statistics Publications and CD-ROMs

597 pages

Table of Contents

ISBN PRINT 1025-9988 / PDF 1609-753X

Subject: Coal ; Electricity ; Natural Gas ; Oil ; Statistics ;

This publication provides detailed and up-to-date quarterly statistics on oil, natural gas, coal and electricity for the OECD countries.
Oil statistics cover production, trade, refinery intake and output, stock changes and consumption for crude oil, NGL and nine selected product groups. Statistics for electricity, natural gas and coal show supply and trade. Oil and coal import and export data are reported by origin and destination. Gas imports and exports data are reported by entries and exits of physical flows. Moreover, oil and hard coal production are reported on a worldwide basis.

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