Applicable Building Type(s)

New non-residential

Policy Requirement Level


Policy Sequence


Development Authority: International Code Commission and ASHRAE

Prescriptive Compliance path

Occupiable space, excluding crawl spaces and garages

Energy Requirements:


U-Values (Btu/h.ft2)FloorRoofWallsWindows
Climate zone 1 0.322 0.063 0.58 1.2
Climate zone 2 0.107 0.048 0.151 0.75
Climate zone 3A and 3B 0.107 0.048 0.123 0.65
Climate zone 4A and 4B 0.087 0.048 0.104 0.4
Climate zone 4C 0.074 0.048 0.09 0.35
Climate zone 5 0.074 0.048 0.09 0.35
Climate zone 6 0.064 0.048 0.06 0.35
Climate zone 7 0.064 0.039 0.071 0.35
Climate zone 8 0.057 0.039 0.071 0.35


The total glazed area may not exceed 40% of above-grade walls.


SHGC is 0.25 W/m2.k - 0.40W/m2.k relative to projection factor. Skylights individually are 0.75 W/m2.k zones 1-2, 0.65 W/m2.k zone 3 and 0.60 W/m2.k zones 4-8. 3% maximum of building envelope

Air Leakage

For curtain walls and storefront glazing maximum leakage rate is 5.5 m3/(hxm2) at 75 Pa for fenestration area. Commercial-glazed swinging entrance doors and revolving doors maximum leakage rate is 5.5 m3/(hxm2) at 75 Pa for door area. Openings and penetrations of the envelope should be sealed with caulking materials or gasketing systems. Joints should also be sealed Cargo doors and loading docks must have weather-seals. Outdoor air intakes and exhaust openings must have a Class 1 motorized, leakage-rated damper. Vestibules should be designed so interior and exterior doors do not need to be open at the same time for passing through. Recessed lighting installed in the building's envelope has a maximum leakage of 0.944 L/s at 75Pa

Space Heating System

Mandatory provisions for calculating heating and cooling loads, equipment size ratios Energy recovery ventilation systems are required for systems > 2.36m3/s and a minimum outside air supply of 70% or greater. Performance efficiency requirements are prescribed using a mix of coefficients (SEER, EER, IPLV and AFUE) for listed types of systems. Design and controls including climate zone specifications are detailed (IECC 2009 pp49-55)

Water Heating System

Minimum efficiency requirements and insulation requirements are prescribed for each type of water heating system (IECC 2009 pp56-7). Pool heating systems are included.


Lighting controls and daylight zones are prescribed, but if > 50% of lamps in permanently installed lighting fixtures are high-efficacy ones the system is exempt.

Renewable Energy

Pools deriving >60% heating energy from site-recovered or solar energy are exempt from pool specific energy saving measures for prescriptive approach. On site renewables are excluded from annual energy calculations for performance modelling approach.

Compliance Softwares:

End-uses considered:

Space cooling, Space heating, Water heating, Lighting interior, Ventilation

Performance Compliance path

Not a requirement / performance based elements are based on a reference model and are relative to energy costs based on time-of-use pricing (including receptacle and process loads)

Energy Requirements:



Climate zones