Applicable Building Type(s)

Policy Requirement Level


Policy Sequence


Implementation Authority: Arkansas Energy Office, any city or county in Arkansas that issues building permits for new constructions

Verification Authority: Code officials within a county or municipality who have adopted the code

Enforcement Authority: Arkansas Energy Office or local government (when adopted)

Prescriptive Compliance path

Energy Requirements:

Air Leakage

7 ACH at 50Pa. The thermal envelope must be verified even when using the perscriptive method

Space Heating System

At least one thermostat shall be provided for each separate heating and cooling system.


Lighting systems must have controls specific to the building's layout and additional controls allowing occupants to reduce the lighting load and override any automatic time switch controls. Daylight zones have specific lighting control requirements. Interior lighting power allowances are specific to building type All exterior building grounds' luminaries operating at > 100 watts must have a minimum efficacy of 60 lumens per watt unless controlled by motion sensors or is exempt.

Renewable Energy

Pools deriving >60% heating energy from site-recovered or solar energy are excempt from pool specific energy saving measures

Compliance Softwares:

End-uses considered:

Space cooling, Space heating, Water heating, Lighting interior, Ventilation

Performance Compliance path

Energy Requirements:



Climate zones