Applicable Building Type(s)

Policy Requirement Level


Policy Sequence


Development Authority: California Energy Commission

Prescriptive Compliance path

All floors of a building, as measured at the floor level of the exterior surfaces of exterior walls enclosing the conditioned space

Energy Requirements:


U-factors are prescribed by component, efficiency coefficient, construction material and according to California's 16 climate zones


Shading can be used to meet the solar heat gain coefficient requirements Optimal overhangs demonstrating that south-facing glazing is fully shaded at solar noon on August 21 and substantially exposed to direct sunlight at solar noon on December 21. (Low rise residential)


U-factors and SHGC are prescribed

Space Heating System

Systems must be certified by manufacturers as compliant with standards (some exceptions) Performance requirements are listed, based on TDV energy use.

Water Heating System

All systems must be certified by manufacturers as compliant with standards


Lighting and high efficacy requirements are prescribed according to room type

Compliance Softwares:

End-uses considered:

Space cooling, Space heating, Water heating, Ventilation

Performance Compliance path

Not a requirement. Performance based elements are based on a reference model and are relative to energy costs.

Energy Requirements:



Climate zones