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Alaska - Building Energy Efficiency Standard (IECC 2009 plus Amendments)

Alaska-specific amendments to the International Energy Code 2009, First Printing, January 2009 (IECC 2009) adopted by the Alaska Housing Finance Corporation (AHFC) on March 9, 2011. It is meant to be read in conjunction with the IECC 2009 and ASHRAE 62.2 2010.

Applicable Building Type(s)

New residential

Policy Requirement Level


Policy Sequence


Development Authority: International Code Council

Implementation Authority: Alaska Housing Finance Corporation (AHFC)

Prescriptive Compliance path

Occupiable space, excluding crawl spaces and garages

Energy Requirements:


U-Values (Btu/h.ft2)FloorRoofWalls
Climate zone 6 0.033 0.026 0.057
Climate zone 7 0.028 0.026 0.057
Climate zone 8 0.028 0.026 0.042
Climate zone 9 0.026 0.02 0.036


U-Values (Btu/h.ft2)Windows
Climate zone 6 0.33
Climate zone 7 0.33
Climate zone 8 0.22
Climate zone 9 0.2

The total glazed area may not exceed 18% of the conditioned floor area using the prescriptive method.


The total skylight area shall not exceed 1% of the total ceiling thermal envelope area if the prescriptive path is used.

Air Leakage

7 ACH at 50Pa. The thermal envelope must be verified even when using the prescriptive method

Space Heating System

At least one thermostat shall be provided for each separate heating and cooling system.

Specific requirements exist for ducts, piping, ventilation, pool systems and snow melt systems

Requirements are relative to equipment size and building type.

Water Heating System

All circulating service hot water piping shall be insulated to at least R-2 and have automatic or accessible manual switches to turn off the pump when the system is not in use


A minimum 50% of lamps in permanently installed lighting fixtures shall be high-efficacy lamps.

Renewable Energy

Pools deriving >60% heating energy from site-recovered or solar energy are excempt from pool specific energy saving measures.

Compliance Softwares:

End-uses considered:

Space cooling, Space heating, Water heating, Ventilation

Performance Compliance path

Energy Requirements:



Climate zones

Alaska IECC climate zones

HDD Range


Zone 6

7200 - 9000


Zone 7

9000 -12,600


Zone 8

12,600 -16,800

Interior & Western

Zone 9

16,800 -21,000

Arctic Slope

HDD = Heating Degree Day (based on 65 degrees Fahrenheit)