ThailandDepartment of Energy

Energy Conservation Act and Building Energy Code (1992)

Energy Conservation in Buildings

Section 17 : Energy conservation inside the buildings means one of the following measures:

(1) Reduction of heat from the sunlight that enters the building.

(2) Efficient air-conditioning, including maintaining room temperature at an appropriate level.

(3) Use of energy-efficient construction materials and demonstration of qualities of such materials.

(4) Efficient use of light in the building.

(5) Use and installation of machinery, equipment, and materials that contribute to energy conservation in the building.

(6) Use of operation control systems for machinery and equipment.

(7) Other measures for energy conservation as prescribed in the Ministerial Regulations.

Section 18 : Designated of any building as a designated building, by types, quantities of energy use and methods of energy utilization in such building, shall be made into decrees.

Provisions of Clause two and Clause three of Section 8 shall apply mutatis mutandis.

Section 19: For energy conservation inside of the designated building, the Minister, under the recommendation of the National Energy Policy Council, shall have the power to issue the Ministerial Regulations prescribing:

(1) The overall thermal transfer value of the building and energy consumption inside the building.

(2) Criteria, procedures and conditions for estimation of the thermal transfer, value of construction materials and the overall thermal transfer of the building, as well as energy utilization in the building.

(3) Standard for air-conditioning, hot-water and heating systems inside the building.

Applicable Building Type(s)

New residential, New non-residential

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