Applicable Building Type(s)

New residential

Policy Requirement Level


Policy Sequence


Development Authority: Swedish Board of Housing, Building and Planning

Implementation Authority: Local Authority

Verification Authority: Local Authority

Enforcement Authority: Local Authority

Prescriptive Compliance path


Energy Requirements:


U-Values (W/m2.K)RoofWallsFloor
Electrically heated 0.08 0.1 0.1
Other than electrical heating 0.13 0.18 0.15


U-Values (W/m2.K)WindowsDoor
Electrically heated 1.1 1.1
Other than electrical heating 1.3 1.3

Air Leakage

0.61 l/(s.m2) at 50 Pa

Space Heating System

If the floor area of the building exceeds 60m2, the building shall be provided with a heat recovery system for the ventilation Heating and cooling and air handling installations shall be provided with automatic regulation equipment If the building has a heating source other than electric heating, the electric energy to the electrical coolers for comfort cooling is to be multiplied by a factor of 3 when determining the specific energy use

Compliance Softwares:

Not available

End-uses considered:

Auxiliary devices, Space cooling, Space heating, Water heating

Performance Compliance path

(kWh/m2/year)Electrically heatedOther than electrical heating
Climate zone 1 95 130
Climate zone 2 75 110
Climate zone 3 55 90

Energy Requirements:



Climate zones