Applicable Building Type(s)

New non-residential

Policy Requirement Level


Policy Sequence


Development Authority: Swedish Board of Housing, Building and Planning

Implementation Authority: Local Authority

Verification Authority: Local Authority

Enforcement Authority: Local Authority

Prescriptive Compliance path


Energy Requirements:


U-Values (W/m2.K)RoofWallsFloor
Electrically heated 0.08 0.10 0.10
Other than electrical heating 0.13 0.18 0.15


U-Values (W/m2.K)WindowsDoor
Electrically heated 1.1 1.1
Other than electrical heating 1.3 1.3

Air Leakage

0.61 l/(s.m2) at 50 Pa

Space Heating System

In buildings over 60m2 a heat recovery system for ventilation air is required. Heating and cooling and air handling installations shall be provided with automatic regulation equipment Ventilation systems must have limited and efficient power requirements with specific SFPs for recovery and non recovery systems If the building has a heating source other than electric heating, the electric energy to the electrical coolers for comfort cooling is to be multiplied by a factor of 3 when determining the specific energy use

Renewable Energy

The building's specific energy use may be reduced by solar energy

Compliance Softwares:

Not available

End-uses considered:

Auxiliary devices, Space cooling, Space heating, Water heating

Performance Compliance path

(kWh/m2/year)Electrically heatedOther than electrical heating
Climate zone 1 95 110 110 120
Climate zone 2 90 75 90 100
Climate zone 3 70 55 80 70

Energy Requirements:



Climate zones