Energy Efficiency Performance of Buildings Label

Labeling to display energy efficiency performance for buildings are regulated by the Act on the Improvement of Energy Consumption Performance of Buildings (Building Energy Efficiency Act) at the article 7, which obliges those entities engaged in buildings sales and rental business to make efforts to display energy efficiency performance. Labeling can show the validated information by a third party or self evaluation.

The labeling includes information such as (1) building name, (2) validation year, month and date, (3) third party validation or self evaluation, (4) name of third party certified entity, (5) energy savings ratio calculated as follows: (Standard value – Design value)/Standard value *100, (6) energy efficiency performance of the building in comparison with standard value and incentive value, (7) whether the building complies with primary energy standard, (8) whether the building complies with insulation standard, (9) indication on whether the labeling represents energy efficiency performance of a part of building , (10) third party validation mark – if it is validated by a third party organization

Applicable Building Type(s)

New residential, New non-residential, Existing residential, Existing non-residential

Policy Requirement Level


Policy Sequence


Development Authority: Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism

Implementation Authority: Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism

Verification Authority: Local Authority or government accredited third party

Enforcement Authority: Local Authority

Compliance path

Energy Requirements:

End-uses considered:

Lighting interior, Space cooling, Space heating, Ventilation, Water heating




Climate Zones