Final energy consumption of the buildings sector (2010)

4,767 PJ

  • Residential buildings 2,080 PJ
  • Non-residential buildings 2,687 PJ

Final energy consumption of the buildings sector



Rational use of energy within buildings (2009) New residential Japan
Standards of Judgment for Construction of Specified Buildings (2010) New non-residential Japan
Energy Efficiency Standard and Notification System New residential, New non-residential, Existing residential, Existing non-residential Japan
House Builders’ Standard: Housing Top-Runner Program New residential Japan
Building Energy Efficiency Act (2015) Existing non-residential, Existing residential, New non-residential, New residential National


Passive House (1990)
Zero Energy Buildings (ZEB)
Energy Efficiency Performance of Buildings Label
Compliance with Energy Efficiency Standards Label


Energy Conservation Facilities
Green investment tax cut
Subsidy for promotion program of high efficiency energy system to residential an
Support for Energy Oriented Houses
Voluntary Energy Efficiency Standard with Incentive
Promotion of Zero Energy Building (ZEB) and Zero Energy Houses (ZEH)

Zero Energy Buildings