For the green building benchmarks in Indonesia, GBC Indonesia issued a rating tool titled GREENSHIP. GREENSHIP is developed by Green Building Council Indonesia (GBC Indonesia) by considering the conditions, natural character and regulations as well standards that apply in Indonesia. Development of GREENSHIP involving building stakeholders and actors from construction sector such as architects, industries, mechanical and electrical engineers, interior designers, as well landscape architects.

GBC Indonesia had developed and published 4 type of GREENSHIP :

  1. GREENSHIP New Building
  2. GREENSHIP Existing Building
  3. GREENSHIP Interior Space
  4. GREENSHIP Homes
  5. GREENSHIP Neighborhood

GREENSHIP contains six categories:

  1. Appropriate Site Development (ASD)
  2. Energy Efficiency & Conservation (EEC)
  3. Water Conservation (WAC)
  4. Materials & Resources Cycle (MRC)
  5. Air Quality & Leisure Air (Water Indoor Health & Comfort / IHC)
  6. Building & Environment Management (BEM)

Each category consists of several criteria that contains credit point with particular value and will be processed to determine the assessment.


Applicable Building Type(s)

New residential, New non-residential, Existing residential, Existing non-residential

Policy Requirement Level


Policy Sequence


Development Authority: Green Building Council Indonesia

Compliance path

Energy Requirements:




Climate Zones