International Partnership on Energy Efficiency Cooperation

IPEEC was an autonomous partnership of nations founded in 2009 by the G8 to promote collaboration on energy efficiency. Its membership included 17 of the G20 economies, which represent over 80% of global energy use and over 80% of global greenhouse gas emissions.

IPEEC provided information to decision-makers in major economies, facilitated candid discussions for exchanging ideas and experiences and helped countries undertake joint projects to develop and implement energy efficiency policies and measures at a global scale. It was also a forum for member and non-member economies to share information about various bilateral and multilateral initiatives. IPEEC’s mandate was terminated in December 2019.

The IPEEC Secretariat was hosted at the IEA. The IEA collaborated regularly with the IPEEC Secretariat on energy efficiency related events and workshops, and also contributed data and analysis to IPEEC Task Groups.