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standing-groupds-and-committees Working Party on Renewable Energy Technologies (REWP)

The objectives of the Working Party on Renewable Energy Technologies (REWP) are to consider policies, market issues and technologies related to renewable energy sources and hydrogen. The REWP also co-ordinates the RD&D efforts of the renewable energy IAs, in particular with regard to deployment.  The REWP also ensures government-private sector dialogue by monitoring the role of finance and markets through the Renewable Industry Advisory Board (RIAB), an informal body created by the Committee on Energy Research and Technology (CERT) in June 2011. Finally, the REWP maintains close ties with the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA).  

Implementing Agreements (IAs) in the renewable energy portfolio include:

Recent topics examined under the auspices of the REWP, involving experts from IAs, were as follows:

  • In collaboration with the Italian government and key international organisations and initiatives, From Mediterranean Plans to Renewable Energy Power Plants workshop reviewed initiatives to support major North African renewable deployment programmes.  Given the global economic downturn, and despite a recent history of regional political instabilities, participants highlighted strategies to maintain attractiveness to investors in order to achieve the medium-term plan for these projects. 

  • Renewables - Policy and Market Design Challenges examined whether policy frameworks in IEA member countries were sufficient to maintain the strong growth in the renewables sector given lower natural gas prices.  Participants agreed that in order to provide the optimal conditions under which investments - and employment - in renewables and other low-carbon technologies could be sustained; further governmental incentives would be needed.