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Glossary Glossary

The following definitions reflect those used by the International Energy Agency (IEA); definitions used by other organisations and publications may vary.


distributed energy resources, such as PV photo voltaic solar and wind


development finance institution


district heating


district heating and cooling


dimethyl ether


direct reduced iron


generally used as an instrument to hedge risk, but can also be used for speculative purposes.

direct equity investment

the acquisition of equity (or shares) in a company.

dual fuel

a vehicle that has two fuel systems and can switch from one fuel to the other, such as gasoline/compressed natural gas (CNG).

dynamic targets

emission objectives that are adjusted according to a pre-agreed metric such as GDP for a country or production level for an industry.

decimal prefixes

101 deca (da) - 10-1 deci (d)

102 hecto (h) - 10-2 centi (c)

103 kilo (k) - 10-3 milli (m)

106 mega (M) - 10-6 micro (µ)

109 giga (G) - 10-9 nano (n)

1012 tera (T) - 10-12 pico (p)

1015 peta (P) - 10-15 femto (f)

1018 exa (E) - 10-18 atto (a)