Executive Director

Fatih Birol took over as Executive Director of the IEA on 1 September 2015.

Executive Director

Deputy Executive Director

Paul Simons became Deputy Executive Director on 8 July 2015, helping provide leadership and strategic direction to the IEA. Prior to joining the Agency, Mr. Simons was a senior United States diplomat with a background in energy and economic policy.

Management team

The IEA has three Directors who report to the Executive Director. They manage teams of analysts and experts who focus on: i) energy markets and security; ii) sustainable energy policies and technologies, iii) enhancing a global dialogue on energy, and iv) longer-term economic and energy policy scenarios and outlooks.

Management team

Recent speeches and articles

The IEA Executive Director and Deputy Executive Director deliver speeches on a broad range of energy related subjects throughout the world.


FAQs on Executive Management

How long does the Executive Director serve? How many IEA Executive Directors have there been? This section includes answers to questions relating to the IEA's Executive Office.

Executive management