CEM - EVI Pilot City Forum 2018

Venue: Finlandia Hall, Mannerheiminti 13, Helsinki

Dates: 28 May 2018 - 29 May 2018

Organiser: EVI (Electric Vehicle Initiative), Municipality of Helsinki and CSAE-SIAC (China Society of Automotive Engineers - Shanghai International Automobile City Group)

Contact Email: transportinfo@iea.org


Evi Pilot City Programme Logo

Noting that cities will be amongst the first movers in EV implementation, one of the main pillars of the EV30@30 Campaign has been the development of the EVI Global EV Pilot City Programme (PCP). This aims to create a global platform to facilitate communications and cooperation among leading global cities interested in stimulating and increasing the uptake of electric mobility within their jurisdictions..

The PCP will be launched at the 9TH meeting of the Clean Energy Ministerial, on 24 May 2018. The first edition of the Pilot City Forum will take place back to back with the Clean Energy Ministerial in Helsinki (Finland) on 28-29 May 2018.

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Breakout1 Cars 1 Nordic Energy Research

Breakout1 Cars 2 Ensto

Breakout1 Cars 3 Fortum

Breakout1 Cars 4 OP

Breakout1 Cars5 Umea University

Breakout1 CVandBus 1 Helsinki Regional Transport

Breakout1 CVandBus 3 Linkker

Breakout1 CVandBus 4 Nobina

Breakout1 CVandBus 5 Stara

Breakout2 Cars 1 Metropolitan Region Amsterdam

Breakout2 Cars 2 Dundee

Breakout2 Cars 3 EVCard

Breakout2 Cars 4 Aichi Prefecture

Breakout2 Cars 5 ChargeNet New Zealand

Breakout2 CVandBus 1 ZeEUS VTT

Breakout2 CVandBus 2 BYD

Breakout2 CVandBus 3 Clean Energy Works

Breakout2 CVandBus 4 Niinivirta

Breakout2 CVandBus 5 ABB

Plenary 1 Helsinki Welcome

Plenary 2.1 Global EV Outlook 2018

Plenary 2.2 Nordic EV Outlook 2018

Plenary 3 Finland

Plenary 4 Helsinki

Plenary 5 Rugao