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Energy Training Week Testimonials

  • "I am delighted that the IEA continues with this great knowledge sharing initiative, which helps to bring the world closer to harmonised energy policies and standards." Maria van der Hoeven, IEA Executive Director
  • "After the IEA training I feel better versed in the latest trends and developments in the energy sector."
    Mr. José María Valenzuela Robles Linares, Director for Energy Sustainability, Ministry of Energy, Mexico
  • "Attending ETW2013 gave me practical analytical tools that are valuable in my daily work."
    Mr. Borys Dodonov, Senior Energy Economist, Analytical Centre BEST, Ukraine

Energy Statistics Manual



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Detailed, complete, timely and reliable statistics are essential to monitor the energy situation at a country level as well as at an international level. Energy statistics on supply, trade, stocks, transformation and demand are indeed the basis for any sound energy policy decision.

For instance, the market of oil – which is the largest traded commodity worldwide – needs to be closely monitored in order for all market players to know at any time what is produced, traded, stocked and consumed and by whom.

In view of the role and importance of energy in world development, one would expect that basic energy information to be readily available and reliable. This is not always the case and one can even observe a decline in the quality, coverage and timeliness of energy statistics over the last few years.



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