Detailed programme 

For each course, a detailed schedule of modules and  activities is provided below. 
A list of course lecturers and facilitators will be provided  to successful applicants only.

Preparatory courses:

A. Energy Security


B. Sustainable Energy

Thursday, 29 March  am

Evolution of oil and gas markets: key milestones, main players

Introduction to energy technology    policy: the IEA’s approach



Energy commodity markets: key metrics

Introduction to energy efficiency: key    concepts and options

Friday, 30 March

Oil market analysis:
          - production
          - refining
          - consumption

Introduction to renewable energy:
          - key concepts
          - main technologies



Advanced courses:

1. Energy Essentials for Decision Makers

2. Energy Markets and Security

3. Energy Efficiency Policy and Measures

4. Renewable & Low Carbon Technology

5. Energy Analysis and Modelling

Monday, 2 April am

          Welcome address
          IEA overview


Technology policy: overview*

Long-term energy outlook (WEO)**

Best practice: 25 key recommendations

Technology policy: Overview*

Long-term energy outlook (WEO)**

Smart grids: overview*

Buildings sector: overview

Smart grids: Overview*

Tuesday, 3 April

Long-term energy outlook (WEO)

Energy statistics: Overview*

Buildings sector: case studies and exercises

Energy technology deployment roadmaps:
IEA process guide

Energy statistics: Overview*

Energy statistics: Oil, gas & emergency

Power sector modelling: overview


Oil markets: trends, prices, and forecasts*

Oil markets: trends, prices, and forecasts*

Industry sector: Overview & exercises

Power sector modelling (TIMES): Practical exercises 1

Wednesday, 4 April

Renewable energy: latest trends*

Emergency response: policy & measures

Site visit: Energy efficient buildings

Renewable energy: Latest trends*

Power sector modelling (TIMES): Practical exercises 2

Renewable energy planning*

Renewable energy planning*



Renewable energy planning: exercises*

Supply disruption: simulation exercise

Financing for energy efficiency

Renewable energy planning: Exercises*

Transport sector modelling (MOMO)

Thursday, 5 April

Energy efficiency best practice: 25 key recommendations

Site visit: Oil and Gas facilities

Statistics for energy indicators*

Grid integration of variable renewables

Statistics for energy indicators*

Energy efficiency indicators: overview

Energy efficiency indicators: Overview


Transport sector energy efficiency:
overview & exercises*

Gas markets: trends, prices, regulation

Transport sector:
overview & exercises*

Site visit: Renewable projects

Energy efficiency indicators:
Exercises 1

Friday, 6 April 

Climate policy and carbon markets*

Electricity markets: trends, prices, regulation

Climate policy and carbon markets*

Carbon capture and storage: 
Overview & exercises

Energy efficiency indicators:
Exercises 2



          Concluding remarks
          Closing proceedings

* or ** indicate common modules between courses on a particular day. 
The IEA reserves the right to change the content and timing of any course or module at any time prior to the event. Any affected individuals will be notified.