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Energy Statistics Course, 4-8 March 2013, Paris

Course Programme                                        

Photos from the event:

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Course presentations and exercises:

Monday, 4 March
Tuesday, 5 March
Wednesday, 6 March
Thursday, 7 March
Friday, 8 March

Additional resources:

Energy Statistics Manual
Annual Questionnaires
IEA Publications
Country Balance Builder

Training material and presentations:

Monday, 4 March

Welcome to the IEA - Assen Gasharov
Introduction to Energy Statistics – Jean-Yves Garnier

Challenges in National Energy Data Collection: Country case studies

France - Céline Rouquette, Deputy Director of the Energy Statistics Office
‌Challenges in National Energy Data Collection: moderated discussion

Coal statistics

Coal Overview
Coal Questionnaire
Coal Exercises
Coal Exercise 1 
Coal Answer 1
Coal Exercise 2
Coal Answer 2
Coal Exercise 3
Coal Answer 3

Tuesday, 5 March

Annual oil statistics

Oil Overview 
Oil Questionnaire
Oil Exercises
Oil Exercise 1
Oil Exercise 2
Oil Answers
Oil Answers +


Annual natural gas statistics

Gas Overview   
Natural Gas Questionnaire  
Gas Exercises – Instructions
Gas Exercise 
Gas Answers 

Monthly oil statistics

JODI Oil Overview
JODI Oil Exercises  – Instructions
JODI Oil Exercise
JODI Oil Answers


Monthly gas statistics

JODI Gas Overview
JODI Gas Exercises - Instructions
JODI Gas Exercise 1
JODI Gas Answer 1
JODI Gas Exercise 2

Wednesday, 6 March

Annual renewables statistics

Renewables Overview  
Renewables Questionnaire    
Renewables Exercises - Instructions
Renewables Exercise 
Renewables Answers


Easy Access to IEA statistics: Beyond 20/20

Beyond 2020 Overview 
Beyond 2020 Quickstart Guide

Beyond 2020 Exercises

Electricity and heat statistics

Electricity & Heat Questionnaire Overview   
Electricity & Heat Questionnaire
Electricity & Heat Exercises
Electricity & Heat Exercise 1-4 
Electricity & Heat Answers 1-4 
Electricity & Heat Exercise 5 
Electricity & Heat Answers 5 


Check & Consistency in energy statistics

Checks & Consistency Overview  
Checks & Consistency Exercises – Instructions
Checks & Consistency Exercise
Checks & Consistency Answers

Thursday, 7 March

IEA database structure and energy data centre

The Energy Data & Management Center Overview 
The Energy Data Center Exercises Monthly
The Energy Data Center Exercise Annual


From basic statistics to energy balances

Energy Balances Overview 
Energy Balances Exercises
Energy Balances Answers
IEA Balance Builder
Statisland Coal
Statisland Gas

Energy Prices and Taxes

Energy Prices and Taxes Overview
Energy Prices & Taxes Exercises - Instructions
Energy Prices & Taxes Answers
Energy Prices and Taxes Exercises
Energy Prices and Taxes Answers
Energy Prices and Taxes Answers Printable

Friday, 8 March

Developing the energy efficiency indicators manual

Energy Efficiency Manual Overview  
Energy Efficiency Manual Exercise 1  
Energy Efficiency Manual Exercise 2

IEA Energy Efficiency Indicators

Energy Efficiency Indicators Overview
Energy Efficiency Indicators Exercises
Energy Efficiency Indicators Exercise 1
Energy Efficiency Indicators Answers 1
Energy Efficiency Indicators Exercise 2
Energy Efficiency Indicators Answer 2
Energy Efficiency Indicators Answers 2

CO2 Overview