Training Alumni by Region

Since 2010, the IEA Energy training and Capacity Building Programme has trained over 2000 energy experts and policy makers from around the world.


An ever-growing function of the IEA is to share knowledge and best practice in the field of energy globally. The IEA has carried out training activities since its creation more than 35 years ago, starting with the Emergency Response Exercises (ERE) for its member countries to prepare them for oil supply disruptions. Over the decades, the scope for training has broadened to include energy statistics, modelling, technology, policy recommendations and subjects of similar interest. With the globalisation of energy markets and the consequences of climate change, the IEA has intensified its work with non-member countries, especially in capacity building.   

What the IEA offers

The IEA Energy Training and Capacity Building Programme offers interactive training across a range of topics. It features a variety of formats from group training (workshops and short courses) to individual work placements (secondments). Training is offered both at the IEA headquarters, in Paris, and in host countries, as agreed in advance. In either case, the aim is to establish ongoing working relationships with participating countries for continual capacity building, as well as two-way information exchange. 


IEA training is targeted at central government officials and key national stakeholders, such as executive agencies and private-sector organisations. Some courses are intended for specific experts (e.g. energy statistics), while others are targeted at a diverse audience of middle- to senior-level managers and policy makers. By learning about IEA approaches and methodologies, which enjoy an international reputation for quality and rigour, participating countries will be better equipped to pursue their national energy aspirations and to align themselves to the global context and trends.

All training is delivered in English (interpretation in another language is possible in special cases).                  

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