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Geothermal topic: Geothermal

Geothermal energy is stored in rock and in trapped vapour or liquids, such as water or brines; these geothermal resources can be used for generating electricity and for providing heat (and cooling).

The IEA Geothermal Roadmap launched in 2011 shows that there is potential to achieve at least a twentyfold increase in the global production of heat and electricity from geothermal energy between now and 2050. The report stresses the need for more awareness of the different types of geothermal energy resources, varying from the well-known high-temperature geothermal resources to the lower temperature resources found in aquifers and the geothermal heat that can be found in rocks anywhere in the world but with insufficient water and permeability for natural exploration. Through a combination of actions that encourage the development of untapped geothermal resources and new technologies, geothermal energy could account for around 3.5% of annual global electricity production and 3.9% of energy for heat (excluding ground source heat pumps) by 2050.

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