IEA Contributions to the G20 (2009-2017)

A sample of IEA contributions to the G20 process from 2009 to 2017 publicly available are listed below. 

Phaseout of Inefficient Fossil Fuel Subsidies

- IEA and OECD contribution to the G20 SWG: update on recent progress in reform of inefficient fossil fuel subsidies that encourage wasteful consumption (2017)
- Update on recent progress in phasing out inefficient fossil fuel subsidies at SWG-2, Berlin (IEA/OECD Presentation) (2017)
- Commentary on fossil fuel subsidies: putting the right price on energy (2017)
- OECD and IEA update and IEA decomposition analysis of fossil fuel subsidies (‌presentation 2015)
- Contributed to the World Bank report on Transitional Policies to Assist the Poor While Phasing Out Inefficient Fossil Fuel Subsidies that Encourage Wasteful Consumption (2014)
Joint report by IEA, OPEC, OECD and World Bank on fossil-fuel and other energy subsidies: An update of the G20 Pittsburgh and Toronto Commitments (2011)
Analysis of the Scope of Energy Subsidies  and suggestions for the G-20 Initiative (2010)
The Scope of Fossil-Fuel Subsidies in 2009 and a Roadmap for Phasing Out Fossil-Fuel Subsidies (2010)
World Energy Outlook G20 contribution (2010)

Sustainable Energy for Economic Growth

- Energy markets and trends: sustainable, secure and affordable energy for economic growth (presentation at the SWG workshop 2016)
- Perspectives for the energy transition (presentation at Berlin Energy Transition Dialogue 2017)
- G20 study on perspectives for the energy transition (report 2017) 

Renewable Energy 

- Renewable Energy and other low carbon sources at ESWG-1, Munich (presentation 2016)
- The clean energy portfolio at ESWG-2, Berlin (presentation 2017)
- IEA report on next generation wind and solar power (2016)
- Clean energy at ESWG-1, Xiamen (presentation 2016)
- Clean energy at ESWG-2, Shenzhen ( 2016)
- Impact of low oil prices on renewable energy investment (presentation 2015)
- G20 action on accelerating renewable energy deployment (presentation 2015)
- Renewable Energy Perspectives (presentation 2014)

Energy Efficiency

- Global status update on energy efficiency at ESWG-2, Berlin (presentation, 2017)
- Energy efficiency at ESWG-1, Xiamen (presentation 2016)
- Energy efficiency at ESWG-2, Shenzhen (presentation 2016)
- The G20 Energy Efficiency Action Plan IEA Contributions (presentation 2015)
- Energy efficiency a driver of economic prosperity (presentation 2015)
- Energy efficiency (presentation 2014)
- Energy efficiency (report 2014)
- IEA expertise was drawn on in the drafting of the G20 Energy Efficieny Action Plan (2014)

Energy Access

- Energy Access at ESWG-2, Berlin (presentation 2017)
- Energy Access at ESWG-1, Xiamen (presentation 2016)
World Energy Outlook Special Report Africa Energy Outlook (presentation 2015)
- Improving access to energy (presentation 2014)

Energy Data

- Improving the quality of the JODI Database – Intermediate Report (2011)
Improving the quality, timeliness and reliability of the JODI Database – Final Report (2011)
- Press release: IEA, IEF, OPEC: Security through data sharing, joint analysis, and dialogue (2011)

Energy Security and Investment

- Gas security (presentation 2014)
- Gas market security and resilience (report 2014)
- Transparency and investment (presentation 2014)

Gas and Coal Markets

Joint IEA-IEF-OPEC Report on the Second Symposium on Gas and Coal Market Outlooks (2014)
-  (2013)
Joint IEA-IEF-OPEC Report on the First Symposium on Gas and Coal Market Outlooks (2012)
Increasing Transparency in International Gas and Coal Markets (2012)
Extending the G20 Work on Oil price Volatility to Coal and Gas (2011)

Oil Price Formation and Price Reporting Agencies

Joint IEA-IEF-OPEC Quantitative Assessment of the Impact of the Principles for Oil Price Reporting Agencies on the Physical Oil Market (2015)
IEA-IEF-OPEC Survey of Oil Market Participants regarding the Impact of the IOSCO Principles for Oil Price Reporting Agencies on the Physical Oil Market (2015)
- Contributed to the IOSCO Report on Implementation of the Principles for Oil Price Reporting Agencies (2015)
- Contributed to the IOSCO Report on Implementation of the Principles for Oil Price Reporting Agencies (2014) 
Principles for Oil Price Reporting Agencies - Final Report (2012)
- Oil Price Reporting Agencies (2011)

Producer-Consumer Dialogue