Energy security publications

Title Year Type Topic
Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia - Highlights 2014 Free Energy market reform, Energy policy, Energy security
World Energy Investment Outlook - Executive Summary - Korean version 2014 Translation: Climate change, coal, electricity, energy efficiency, energy security, natural gas, oil, renewables
Energy Supply Security: The Emergency Response of IEA Countries - 2014 Edition 2014 Free Electricity, Energy security, Natural gas, Oil
Partner Country Series - Update on Overseas Investments by China’s National Oil Companies
Achievements and Challenges since 2011
2014 Free Clean coal technologies, Energy Security, Oil, Natural Gas, Global engagement, Natural gas, Non-member countries, Clean energy technologies, Energy efficiency, Oil, China
World Energy Investment Outlook - Special Report 2014 Free Climate change, Energy security, Finance, Investment, Scenarios
Seamless Power Markets
Regional integration of electricity market in IEA member countries
2014 Free Energy policies, Electric, Energy poverty, Renewables, Electricity security, Market design
Energy Technology Initiatives - 2013 2013 Free Clean energy technologies, Non-member countries
Secure and Efficient Electricity Supply
During the Transition to Low Carbon Power Systems
2013 Free Climate change, Electricity, Energy security
Energy Efficiency Market Report 2013
Market Trends and Medium-Term Prospects
2013 Study (book) Energy efficiency, Energy security, Energy market reform, Energy policy
Oil and Gas Emergency Policy - Japan 2013 update 2013 Free Energy security
Oil and Gas Emergency Policy - Turkey 2013 update 2013 Free Energy security
IEA Response System for Oil Supply Emergencies 2012 2012 Free Energy security
Energy Technology Perspectives 2012
Pathways to a Clean Energy System
2012 Study (book) Climate change, Energy security, Clean energy technologies
The IEA Model of Short-term Energy Security
Primary Energy Sources and Secondary Fuels
2011 Free Energy security
Measuring Short-term Energy Security 2011 Free Energy security
Gas Emergency Policy: Where do IEA Countries Stand? 2011 Free Energy security, Natural gas
Sistema de respuesta de la AIE Emergencia en el abastecimiento de petróleo ante situaciones de 2008 Translation: Publication
Oil Supply Security: Emergency Response of IEA Countries 2007 Study (book) Energy security, Oil
Oil and Gas Emergency Policy - India 2007 update 2007 Free Energy security
Reviewing R&D Policies
Guidance for IEA Review Teams
2007 Free Clean energy technologies, Energy security
Contribution of Renewables to Energy Security 2007 Free Energy security, Renewables
Saving Oil in a Hurry 2005 Free Oil