Energy security publications

Title Year Type Topic
Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia - Highlights 2014 Free Energy Market Reform, Energy Policy, Energy Security
World Energy Investment Outlook - Executive Summary - Korean version 2014 Translation: Climate change, coal, electricity, energy efficiency, energy security, natural gas, oil, renewables
Energy Supply Security: The Emergency Response of IEA Countries - 2014 Edition 2014 Free Electricity, Energy security, Natural gas, Oil
Partner Country Series - Update on Overseas Investments by China’s National Oil Companies
Achievements and Challenges since 2011
2014 Free Clean coal technologies, Energy Security, Oil, Natural Gas, Global engagement, Natural gas, Non-member countries, Clean energy technologies, Energy efficiency, Oil, China
World Energy Investment Outlook - Special Report 2014 Free Climate change, Energy security, Finance, Investment, Scenarios
Energy Technology Initiatives - 2013 2013 Free Clean energy technologies, Non-member countries
Secure and Efficient Electricity Supply
During the Transition to Low Carbon Power Systems
2013 Free Climate change, Electricity, Energy security
Oil and Gas Emergency Policy - Japan 2013 update 2013 Free Energy security
Oil and Gas Emergency Policy - Turkey 2013 update 2013 Free Energy security
IEA Response System for Oil Supply Emergencies 2012 2012 Free Energy security
Energy Technology Perspectives 2012
Pathways to a Clean Energy System
2012 Study (book) Climate change, Energy security, Clean energy technologies
The IEA Model of Short-term Energy Security
Primary Energy Sources and Secondary Fuels
2011 Free Energy security
Measuring Short-term Energy Security 2011 Free Energy security
Gas Emergency Policy: Where do IEA Countries Stand? 2011 Free Energy security, Natural gas
Sistema de respuesta de la AIE Emergencia en el abastecimiento de petróleo ante situaciones de 2008 Translation: Publication
Oil Supply Security: Emergency Response of IEA Countries 2007 Study (book) Energy security, Oil
Oil and Gas Emergency Policy - India 2007 update 2007 Free Energy security
Reviewing R&D Policies
Guidance for IEA Review Teams
2007 Free Clean energy technologies, Energy security
Contribution of Renewables to Energy Security 2007 Free Energy security, Renewables
Saving Oil in a Hurry 2005 Free Oil