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Energy efficiency publications

Title Year Type Topic
Policy Pathways: Modernising Building Energy Codes 2013 Free Buildings, Appliances, Climate change, Energy efficiency, G8
Policy Pathways: A Tale of Renewed Cities
A policy guide on how to transform cities by improving energy efficiency in urban transport systems
2013 Free Non-member countries, Cities, Urban transport, Public transport
Global Tracking Framework 2013 Free Energy poverty, Renewables, clean energy technologies, energy efficiency, weo
Tracking Clean Energy Progress 2013
IEA input to the Clean Energy Ministerial
2013 Free Climate change, Indicators, Policy framework
Policy Pathways: Improving the Fuel Economy of Road Vehicles - A policy package 2012 Free Energy efficiency, Transport, Fuel
Technology Roadmaps: Electric and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles - Chinese version 2011 Translation: Transport
Policy Pathways: Energy Management Programmes for Industry - Gaining through saving - Chinese version 2012 Translation: Energy efficiency, Industry
Workshop Report: Policies for Energy‐Provider - Delivered Energy Efficiency
European Union Regional Workshop, 18‐19 January 2012, Brussels
2012 Free
Policy Pathways: Energy Management Programmes for Industry - Gaining through saving 2012 Free Energy efficiency, Industry,
Assessing Measures of Energy Efficiency Performance & Their Application in Industry - Russian Version 2008 Country Review (Book) Industry
Energy Efficiency Governance - Handbook - Russian version 2011 Translation: Translation
Energy Policies of IEA Countries - Denmark 2011 Review 2012 Country Review (Book) Energy policies, Energy efficiency, Renewables
Policy Pathways: Joint Public-Private Approaches for Energy-Efficiency Finance 2012 Free Finance, Industry
IEA Scoreboard 2011
Implementing energy efficiency policy: Progress and challenges in IEA member countries
2011 Study (book) Energy efficiency, Energy policy, Statistics
Energy Efficiency Policy and Carbon Pricing 2011 Free Energy efficiency
Saving Electricity in a Hurry
Update 2011
2011 Free Electricity
Evaluating the co-benefits of low-income energy-efficiency programmes 2011 Free Energy efficiency
Walking the Torque
Proposed Work Plan for Energy-Efficiency Policy Opportunities for Electric Motor-Driven Systems
2011 Country Review (Book) Energy Efficiency, Transport
Energy-Efficiency Policy Opportunities for Electric Motor-Driven Systems 2011 Free Energy efficiency
Climate and Electricity Annual 2011
Data and Analyses
2011 Study (book) Climate change, Electricity, Energy market reform, Energy efficiency, Renewable energy
Energy Efficiency Governance 2010 Free Energy efficiency
Energy Efficiency Governance - Handbook 2010 Free Energy efficiency
Policy Pathways: Q&A Fact Sheet 2010 Free Energy efficiency
Policy Pathways: Energy Performance Certification of Buildings
A Policy Tool to Improve Energy Efficiency
2010 Free Buildings
Joint Report on Energy Subsidies for G20 - June 2010 2010 Free G20
Money Matters
Mitigating risk to spark private investments in energy efficiency
2010 Free Finance
Policy Pathways: Monitoring, Verification and Enforcement
Improving compliance within equipment energy-efficiency programmes
2010 Free Energy efficiency
Transport Energy Efficiency
Implementation of IEA Recommendations since 2009 and next steps
2010 Free Transport
Transforming Global Markets for Clean Energy Products
Energy Efficient Equipment, Vehicles and Solar Photovoltaics
2010 Free Solar, Energy efficiency
Phase out of incandescent lamps
Implications for international supply and demand for regulatory compliant lamps
2010 Free Lighting
Energy Management Action Network (EMAK) 2009 Free Energy efficiency
Innovations in Multi-Level Governance for Energy Efficiency 2009 Free Energy efficiency
Gadgets and Gigawatts: Policies for Energy Efficient Electronics 2009 Study (book) Energy efficiency
Implementing Energy Efficiency: are IEA Countries on Track? 2009 Study (book) Energy Efficiency
Global Energy Efficiency Action Initiative 2009 Free Energy efficiency
Boosting the economy with energy efficiency financing 2009 Free Finance
Cogeneration and District Energy
Sustainable Energy Technologies for Today…and Tomorrow
2009 Free Heat
Promoting Energy Efficiency Best Practices in Cities
A pilot study
2008 Free Energy efficiency, Cities
25 Energy Efficiency Policy Recommendations - 2011 Update 2008 Free Energy efficiency, G8
Review of International Policies for Vehicle Fuel Efficiency 2008 Free Energy Efficiency
Energy Efficiency Requirements in Building Codes - Policies for New Buildings
2008 Free Sustainable buildings
Energy Efficiency Policy Analysis at the IEA 2008 2008 Free Energy efficiency
Worldwide Trends in Energy Use and Efficiency
Key Insights from IEA Indicator Analysis
2008 Free Energy efficiency
Promoting Energy Efficiency Investments - Russian Translation 2008 Free Energy Efficiency
Promoting energy efficiency investments
Case studies in the residential sector (2008)
2008 Free Buildings
Mind the Gap - Quantifying Principal-Agent Problems in Energy Efficiency - Executive Summary - Russian version 2007 Translation: Energy efficiency
Mind the Gap
Quantifying Principal-Agent Problems in Energy Efficiency
2007 Study (book) Energy Efficiency
Experience with Energy Efficiency Requirements for Electrical Equipment
August 2007
2007 Free Energy efficiency
Energy Efficiency of Air Conditioners in Developing Countries and the Role of CDM 2007 Country Review (Book) Appliances
Fuel-Efficient Road Vehicle Non-Engine Components
Potential Savings and Policy Recommendations
2007 Free Transport
Summary of Standby Power Regulatory Policies
July 2007
2007 Free Energy efficiency
Energy Efficiency Policy Analysis at the IEA 2007 2007 Free Energy efficiency
Energy Efficiency Policy Analysis at the IEA 2007 - Russian version 2007 Translation: Energy efficiency
Energy Efficiency in the North American Existing Building Stock 2007 Free Energy efficiency
Tracking Industrial Energy Efficiency and CO2 Emissions 2007 Study (book) Industry
International Standards to Develop and Promote Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Sources 2007 Country Review (Book) Energy Efficiency
IEA Vehicle Efficiency Workshops Drive New Vehicle Policy Approaches - Russian Version 2007 Translation: Transport
Financing Energy Efficient Homes
Existing Policy Responses to Financial Barriers
2007 Free Finance
High-Rise Refurbishment: The Energy-Efficient Upgrade of Multi-Story Residences in the European Union 2006 Country Review (Book) Sustainable buildings
Raising the Profile of Energy Efficiency in China
Case Study of Standby Power Efficiency
2006 Free Energy efficiency, China
Fact Sheet: Buildings and Appliances 2006 Free Buildings, Appliances
Fact Sheet: Industry 2006 Free Industry
The Energy Technology Perspectives Scenario Analysis 2006 Free Scenarios
Les appareils électriques économes en énergie peuvent-ils être considérés comme des « biens environnementaux » ? 2006 Free Appliances
Fact Sheet: Light's Labour's Lost 2006 Free Lighting, Energy efficiency
Lights Labour's Lost 2006 Study (book) Energy efficiency, Lighting
Lights Labour’s Lost - Policies for Energy-efficient Lighting - Executive Summary - Russian version 2006 Translation: Lighting, Energy efficiency
Lights Labour’s Lost
Policies for Energy-efficient Lighting
2006 Study (book) Lighting, Energy efficiency
Can Energy-Efficient Electrical Appliances be considered "Environmental Goods"? 2006 Free Appliances
Innovations in National Energy Efficiency Strategies and Action Plans 2009 Free Energy Efficiency