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Energy Efficiency banner Energy efficiency: Industrial energy efficiency

Industrial energy consumption constitutes a third of global primary energy use. Industrial energy consumption is projected to increase at a rapid rate. Most of this growth will take place in non-OECD countries. Energy efficiency opportunities are still largely underexploited. IEA analysis indicates that much of the industrial savings potential can be captured through policies for promoting use and optimisation of energy-efficient industrial equipment and systems, and improving overall efficiency through energy management adjacent to measures to facilitate financing.

The objective of IEA Energy Efficiency Unit in the area of industrial energy efficiency is to provide policy makers and industrial energy efficiency policy implementers with actionable guidance on how to develop and improve programmes including supporting measures.

This includes:

  • Facilitating international exchange of information on good practices, innovative approaches and lessons learned
  • Ensuring that information about industrial energy use and energy efficiency and savings potentials and opportunities is used to feed into broader IEA energy security and CO2 mitigation analysis
  • Provision of objective analysis on relevant strategic, policy, regulatory, technical and economic issues in order to better understand the role, benefits and challenges of improving energy efficiency in industry
  • Mapping and assessment of existing policies and initiatives
  • Exploration of emerging issues
  • Research on issues that will contribute to stimulating the uptake of energy management systems and implementation of energy efficiency measures
  • Suggesting solutions for governments, individually or collectively, to address the challenges associated with promoting industrial energy efficiency and energy savings

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