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Residential appliances and equipment represent one of the fastest-growing energy loads. The IEA estimates that at least 3.7 EJ per year could be saved cost effectively by 2030. The suite of IEA appliance and equipment recommendations covers MEPS or labels, energy performance test standards and measurement protocols, and complementary market transformation policies. Mandatory energy performance requirements and labels have proved to be a highly cost-effective policy tool for encouraging the reduction of average energy consumption in equipment without reducing consumer choice or triggering sustained increases in prices.

The effective implementation of energy efficiency policies for appliances and equipment relies upon the use of accurate energy performance measurement standards and protocols. National energy efficiency policy objectives will be undermined by energy measurement standards that fail to reflect actual energy use and/or provide a true in-use efficiency ranking of equipment. Furthermore, experience shows that international coordination on test standards for globally traded products can reduce industry compliance costs. Governments should complement mandatory energy performance requirements and labels with a package of measures that accelerate the transformation of the appliance market towards high-efficiency products.

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