Electricity publications

Title Year Type Topic
Global EV Outlook 2016
Beyond One Million Electric Cars
2016 Free Clean energy technologies, Scenarios, Electric vehicles, Energy efficiency, Statistics, Transport
Partner Country Series - Thailand Electricity Security - Executive Summary - Thai 2016 Free Electricity, Energy efficiency, Thailand, Regulation, Lao PDR
Partner Country Series - Thailand Electricity Security Assessment 2016 Free Energy policy, Renewables, Energy market reform, Electricity, Thailand, Regulation, Lao PDR
Re-powering Markets: Market design and regulation during the transition to low-carbon power systems 2016 Free Energy policy, Renewables, Energy market reform, Electricity
Making the energy sector more resilient to climate change 2015 Free Climate change, Electricity, Energy policy, Energy security, Resilience, Climate change adaptation
Partner Country Series - Development Prospects of the ASEAN Power Sector
Towards an Integrated Electricity Market
2015 Free Energy policy, Renewables, Energy market reform, Electricity
Electricity Information - 2015 edition - excerpt 2015 Free Statistics, Electricity, Trends
Technology Roadmap: Hydrogen and Fuel Cells 2015 Free Clean energy technologies, Hydrogen, Transport, Fuel cells, Energy storage
Technology Roadmap: Nuclear Energy 2015 Free Clean energy technologies, Electricity, Nuclear
The Power of Transformation - Wind, Sun and the Economics of Flexible Power Systems 2014 Free Electricity, Renewable energy, Climate change, Energy security
Partner Country Series - The Asian Quest for LNG in a Globalising Market 2014 Free Electricity, Energy market reform, Global engagement, Natural gas, Transport
Medium-Term Renewable Energy Market Report 2014: Market Analysis and Forecasts to 2020 2014 Study (book) Electricity, Energy projections, Renewable energy, Transport, Investment
Energy Supply Security: The Emergency Response of IEA Countries - 2014 Edition 2014 Free Electricity, Energy security, Natural gas, Oil
Linking Heat and Electricity Systems
Co-generation and District Heating and Cooling, Solutions for a Clean Energy Future
2014 Free Energy efficiency, Clean energy technologies, Heat, Electricity, Energy policy, Combined heat and power, District heating and cooling, District energy
World Energy Investment Outlook - Special Report 2014 Report Climate change, Energy security, Finance, Investment, Scenarios
Seamless Power Markets
Regional integration of electricity market in IEA member countries
2014 Free Energy policies, Electric, Energy poverty, Renewables, Electricity security, Market design
Technology Roadmap: How2Guide for Wind Energy Roadmap
Development and Implementation
2014 Free Wind, Clean energy technologies
Technology Roadmap: Energy Storage 2014 Free Clean energy technologies, Energy storage
Energy Technology Initiatives - 2013 2013 Free Clean energy technologies, Non-member countries
Technology Roadmap: Energy Efficient Building Envelopes 2013 Free Buildings, Energy efficiency
Medium-Term Coal Market Report 2013
Market Trends and Projections to 2018
2013 Study (book) Coal, Electricity
Energy Policy Highlights 2013 2013 Free Energy policies, Energy efficiency, Renewables, Electricity
Secure and Efficient Electricity Supply
During the Transition to Low Carbon Power Systems
2013 Free Climate change, Electricity, Energy security
Technology Roadmap: Wind Energy - 2013 edition 2013 Free Wind
World Energy Outlook Special Report 2013: Southeast Asia Energy Outlook 2013 Free Energy security, Oil, Natural gas, Energy efficiency
Partner Country Series - Energy Investments and Technology Transfer Across Emerging Economies
The Case of Brazil and China
2013 Free Electricity, Wind, Oil, Technology transfer, Brazil, China
Medium-Term Renewable Energy Market Report 2013: Market trends and projections to 2018 2013 Study (book) Electricity, Renewables, Transport
Tracking Clean Energy Progress 2013
IEA input to the Clean Energy Ministerial
2013 Free Clean energy technology, Climate change, Energy indicators
Global EV Outlook 2013
Understanding the Electric Vehicle Landscape to 2020
2013 Free Clean energy technologies, ETP, Electric vehicles
Electricity in a Climate-Constrained World - Data & Analyses 2012 Study (book) Electricity, Climate change
Technology Roadmap: High-Efficiency, Low-Emissions Coal-Fired Power Generation 2012 Free Clean coal technologies, Coal, CCS
Securing Power during the Transition
Generation Investment and Operation Issues in Electricity Markets
2012 Free Capacity mechanisms, Electricity, Energy security, Market design
World Energy Outlook Special Report 2012 - Iraq Energy Outlook - Executive Summary 2012 Free Energy projections, Natural gas, Oil, Non-OECD countries, Electricity
Partner Country Series - Understanding Energy Challenges in India - Policies, Players and Issues 2012 Free Electricity, India
Technology Roadmap: Smart Grids - Chinese version 2011 Translation: Smart grids
Medium-Term Renewable Energy Market Report 2012: Market Trends and Projections to 2017 2012 Study (book) Renewables
Empowering Customer Choice in Electricity Markets 2011 Free Electricity, Industry
Advantage Energy 2011 Free Energy poverty
Impact of Smart Grid Technologies on Peak Load to 2050 2011 Free Smart grids
Saving Electricity in a Hurry
Update 2011
2011 Free Energy efficiency, Electricity
Technology Roadmap: Electric and Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (EV/PHEV) 2011 Free Transport
Climate and Electricity Annual 2011
Data and Analyses
2011 Study (book) Climate change, Electricity
Harnessing Variable Renewables
A Guide to the Balancing Challenge
2011 Study (book) Renewables, Electricity
Smart Grid - Smart Customer Policy Needs 2011 Free Smart grids
Technology Roadmap: Smart Grids 2011 Free Smart grids
Technology Roadmap: Smart Grids - Foldout 2011 Free Smart grids
Projected Costs of Generating Electricity - 2010 Edition 2010 Study (book) Electricity, Renewables, Coal, Gas
Modelling Load Shifting Using Electric Vehicles in a Smart Grid Environment 2010 Free Smart grids, Transport
Opportunities to Transform the Electricity Sector in Major Economies 2010 Free Electricity
Deploying Renewables in Southeast Asian Countries: Trends and Potentials 2010 Free Renewables, Electricity, Transport, Heat, Non-member countries
Comparative Study on Rural Electrification Policies in Emerging Economies
Keys to successful policies
2010 Free Electricity, Brazil, China, India, South Africa
The economics of transition in the power sector 2010 Free Climate change
Technology Roadmap: Electric and Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles - Foldout 2009 Free Transport
Sectoral Approaches in Electricity: Building Bridges to a Safe Climate 2009 Study (book) Climate change, Electricity
Energy Efficiency Indicators for Public Electricity Production from Fossil Fuels 2008 Free Energy efficiency indicators
Empowering Variable Renewables - Options for Flexible Electricity Systems 2008 Free Renewables
Combined Heat and Power
Evaluating the Benefits of Greater Global Investment
2008 Free Heat
Fact Sheet: Energy Sector Methane Recovery and Use Initiative
August 2007
2007 Free Methane
World Energy Outlook 2006 - Special Report - Electricity Access 2006 Free Electricity
Tackling Investment Challenges in Power Generation 2007 Study (book) Electricity
IEA Energy Technology Essentials: Fuel Cells 2007 Free Technology
CO2 Allowance & Electricity Price Interaction
Impact on Industry’s Electricity Purchasing Strategies in Europe
2007 Free Electricity, Industry
Fact Sheet: Electricity Generation 2006 Free Electricity
China’s Power Sector Reforms
Where to Next?
2006 Study (book) Electricity
Russian Electricity Reform 2005 Free Electricity, Russia
Learning from the Blackouts: Transmission System Security in Competitive Electricity Markets 2005 Free Electricity
Lessons from Liberalised Electricity Markets 2005 Study (book) Electricity
Saving Electricity in a Hurry 2005 Free Electricity