The Way Forward

Release date: 2014

Energy is critical to global prosperity, as it underpins economic growth, social development, and poverty reduction. It has fuelled global economic development since the industrial revolution, and countries aspire to further inclusive economic growth.

However, with more than 80% of global energy sourced from fossil fuels, growing energy demand has led to increasing greenhouse gas emissions. Today’s challenge is to decouple economic growth and social development from increasing emissions.

This requires action by central and local governments, publicly and privately owned businesses, communities, and individuals.

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Climate change publications

Title Year Type Topic
The Way Forward
Five Key Actions to Achieve a Low-Carbon Energy Sector
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Secure and Efficient Electricity Supply
During the Transition to Low Carbon Power Systems
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World Energy Outlook Special Report 2013: Redrawing the Energy Climate Map 2013 Report Climate change, Emissions, WEO
Electricity in a Climate-Constrained World - Data & Analyses 2012 Study (book) Electricity, Climate change
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Pathways to a Clean Energy System
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Market Trends and Projections to 2016
2011 Study (book) Climate change, Coal, Energy security
Deploying Renewables 2011
Best and Future Policy Practice
2011 Study (book) Renewables
Solar Energy Perspectives 2011 Study (book) Solar
World Energy Outlook 2011 2011 Study (book) Climate change, Coal, Energy projections, Oil
Summing up the parts
Combining Policy Instruments for Least-Cost Climate Mitigation Strategies
2011 Free Climate change
Energy Efficiency Policy and Carbon Pricing 2011 Free Energy efficiency, Climate change
Climate and Electricity Annual 2011
Data and Analyses
2011 Study (book) Climate change, Electricity
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A summary of OECD/IEA analyses for COP 15
2009 Free Climate change
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National and Sectoral GHG Mitigation Potential
A Comparison Across Models
2009 Free Climate change
Sectoral Market Mechanisms
Issues for Negotiation and Domestic Implementation
2009 Free Climate change
Reporting and Recording Post 2012 GHG Mitigation Commitments, Actions and Support 2009 Free Climate change
Assessing the value of price caps and floors 2009 Free Climate change
World Energy Outlook 2009 - Special Report - Climate Change Excerpt 2009 Study (book) Climate change
Energy Technology Transitions for Industry
Strategies for the Next Industrial Revolution
2009 Study (book) Industry
Sectoral Approaches in Electricity: Building Bridges to a Safe Climate 2009 Study (book) Climate change, Electricity
Lessons Learned from the Energy Policies of IEA Countries
Key Cross-cutting Issues 2007/2008
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Chemical and Petrochemical Sector
Potential of best practice technology and other measures for improving energy efficiency
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Cogeneration and District Energy
Sustainable Energy Technologies for Today…and Tomorrow
2009 Free Heat
Coal Mine Methane in China - Addendum 2009 Free Methane, Coal, China
Project Transitions
The Investment Challenge for Creating a Sustainable and Secure Energy Infrastructure
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Price Caps and Price Floors in Climate Policy
A Quantitative Assessment
2008 Free Climate change
Climate Policy and Carbon Leakage
Impacts of the European Emissions Trading Scheme on Aluminium
2008 Free Climate change
Combined Heat & Power and Emissions Trading - Options for Policy Makers 2008 Free Emissions trading, Heat
Carbon Capture and Storage in the CDM 2007 Free Change change, CCS
Policy Uncertainty, Investment and Commitment Periods 2007 Free Climate change
SD-PAMs: What, Where, When and How? 2007 Free Climate change
Emissions Trading: Trends and Prospects 2007 Free Emissions trading
Sectoral Approaches to Greenhouse Gas Mitigation
Exploring Issues for Heavy Industry
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World Energy Outlook 2007 - Fact Sheet - CO2 Emissions 2007 Free Climate change
International Methane Partnership Fighting Climate Change 2007 Free Methane
Fact Sheet: Energy Sector Methane Recovery and Use Initiative
August 2007
2007 Free Methane
Tracking Industrial Energy Efficiency and CO2 Emissions 2007 Study (book) Industry, Energy efficiency, CO2 emissions
Toward a Clean, Clever and Competitive Energy Future
IEA Report to G8 Summit in Heiligendamm, Germany
2007 Free G8
Climate Policy Uncertainty and Investment Risk 2007 Study (book) Finance
Energy Security and Climate Policy
Assessing Interactions
2007 Study (book) Energy security, Change Change
CO2 Allowance & Electricity Price Interaction
Impact on Industry’s Electricity Purchasing Strategies in Europe
2007 Free Electricity, Industry
Modelling Investment Risks and Uncertainties with Real Options Approach 2007 Free Finance
Act Locally, Trade Globally - Emissions Trading for Climate Policy 2006 Study (book) Emissions trading
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Sectoral Approaches to GHG Mitigation: Scenarios for Integration
Exploring Issues for Heavy Industry
2006 Free Sectoral approaches
International Energy Technology Collaboration and Climate Change Mitigation 2006 Free Climate change
Certainty versus Ambition
Economic Efficiency in Mitigating Climate Change
2006 Free Climate change
Issues Related to a Programme of Activities under the CDM
Issus related to CDM Programme of Activities
2006 Free Climate change
Sectoral Crediting Mechanisms for Greenhouse Gas Mitigation: Institutional and Operational Issues 2006 Free Sectoral approaches
The Developing CDM Market: May 2006 Update
Developing CDM Market
2006 Free Climate change