Climate change

Promoting sustainable development and combating climate change have become integral aspects of energy planning, analysis and policy making. Because energy accounts for two-thirds of total greenhouse gas emissions and 80% of CO2, any effort to reduce emissions and mitigate climate change must include the energy sector.

Global CO2 emissions remained flat in 2016 for a third consecutive year, although the global economy grew. Changes to the fuel mix and energy efficiency played key roles.


Source: CO2 Emissions From Fuel Combustion Highlights 2017

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Meeting the long-term climate objectives of the Paris Agreement requires urgently tackling energy-related greenhouse gas emissions. Individually and collectively, countries need to define and implement policies for accelerated clean energy transitions that are enabled by real-world SOLUTIONS, supported by ANALYSIS, and built on DATA. The IEA works with countries across the globe to implement climate-resilient decarbonisation pathways.

Our work on Climate change