Working together to ensure reliable, affordable and clean energy
ETI banner IEA energy technology network

The IEA energy technology network is an ever-expanding, co-operative group of more than 6 000 experts that support and encourage global technology collaboration.  At the head of this network is the Committee on Energy Research and Technology (CERT). Made up of senior experts from IEA member countries, the CERT provides leadership and policy guidance based on expertise provided by four sector-specific working parties and ad-hoc and experts’ groups.

At the core of the IEA energy technology network are a number of independent, multilateral energy technology initiatives – the Implementing Agreements (IAs). The IAs encourage technology-related activities that support energy security, economic growth, environmental protection and engagement worldwide. Through a flexible and effective framework, the IA mechanism enables IEA member and non-member countries, businesses, industries, international organisations and non-government organisations to share research and best practice on existing and breakthrough technologies, to fill existing research gaps, to build pilot plants and to carry out deployment or demonstration programmes.  To date, more than 1 400 topics have been addressed.