Working together to ensure reliable, affordable and clean energy
Clean_Energy_Technologies topic: Clean energy technologies

The IEA believes that the world needs a clean energy revolution in order to break dependence on fossil fuels. Such a revolution would enhance global energy security, promote enduring economic growth and tackle environmental challenges such as climate change. It would break the longā€standing link between economic growth and carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. But to succeed, it must also be truly global in scope.

While impressive progress has been made in developing clean energy technologies in recent years, the success stories are overshadowed by surging demand for fossil fuels, which are outstripping deployment of clean energy technologies. Coal has met 47% of the global new electricity demand since the turn of the century, eclipsing clean energy efforts made over the same period of time, which include improved implementation of energy efficiency measures and rapid growth in the use of renewable energy sources.

The IEA research and analysis of clean energy technologies – which include renewable energy, electric vehicles, nuclear power and biofuels – focuses on ways to boost demand and deployment so that the clean energy revolution can be achieved.