Carbon capture and storage workshops

Workshop Title Workshop Date Workshop End Date Location Email
Hydrogen Technology Roadmap Asia Workshop 26 June 2014 27 June 2014 Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan
6th CCS Regulatory Network Meeting: Taking stock of progress and identifying next steps? 27 May 2014 28 May 2014 IEA, Paris
Hydrogen Technology Roadmap North America Workshop 28 January 2014 29 January 2014 Bethesda, Maryland, United States
CCS: Options for Energy Intensive Industry 5 December 2013 20 December 2013 Beijing, China
5th IEA International CCS Regulatory Network Meeting 18 June 2013 19 June 2013 IEA Secretariat, Paris
CEM CCUS Action Group Meeting on CCS in Industrial Applications 30 January 2013 The Royal Society of Chemistry, London, UK jane.berrington@iea.og
Web Conference: Project experience with CCS permitting processes 8 November 2012 Paris
Bioenergy, CCS and BECCS: Options for Indonesia 21 September 2012 22 September 2012 Jakarta, Indonesia
4th IEA International CCS Regulatory Network Meeting 9 May 2012 10 May 2012 Paris, France
Web Conference: Transposition of the EU CO2 Storage Directive: Current Status and Outstanding Issues 21 March 2012 IEA, Paris
IEA-SENER Joint Workshop 7 March 2012 8 March 2012 Mexico City
CCS: Regaining Momentum 20 February 2012 21 February 2012 Syndey
IEA-OPEC joint workshop on CO2-EOR for Emissions Reduction 7 February 2012 Kuwait City
Web Conference: CCS outcomes from Durban and next steps for CCS in the CDM 2 February 2012 IEA, Paris
17th Session of the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change 29 November 2011 Durban, South Africa
Integrated energy systems of the future 7 November 2011 8 November 2011 Paris
Web Conference: Talking process: steps in developing regulatory frameworks for CCS demonstration and commercial deployment 18 July 2011 18 July 2011 Paris
Roundtable: Carbon Capture and Storage Perspectives in Ukraine 18 May 2011 18 May 2011 Donetsk, Ukraine
Roundtable on Co-operation in Carbon Capture and Storage: Demonstration and Commercialisation of Technologies 29 March 2011 Moscow
CCS Costs Workshop 22 March 2011 23 March 2011 Paris
Web Conference: Financial Mechanisms to supply Long-Term Liability for CCS 30 June 2010 Paris
CCS Roundtable Workshop 18 June 2009 Warsaw