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carbon capture... CCS technical and economic issues

Enhancing the understanding of CCS technology, its current status and expected development, and its potential as a low-carbon energy technology amongst other low-carbon options is an essential part of IEA’s activities on CCS.  This work is based on in-depth technical and economical analysis of carbon dioxide capture, use and storage both in power generation and industrial applications. Key data from the techno-economic analysis also feeds into IEA’s general policy analysis and important global energy scenarios such as the World Energy Outlook and Energy Technology Perspectives.

Priorities under IEA’s techno-economic analysis include assessments of costs and performance impacts from CO₂ capture and transportation, and improving the understanding of available CO₂storage capacities globally. In this context the IEA is encouraging and facilitating processes to further develop common cost and capacity assessment methodologies. IEA’s analysis is complemented by specific assessments of the role of CCS and requirements for CCS installations in future energy systems, including potential interactions and linkages between CCS and renewable energy sources.



CCS Costs Workshop 


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