Tracking progress towards IEA CCS Roadmap

CCS RoadmapIn 2013 the IEA updated its Technology Roadmap: Carbon Capture and Storage‌, setting out goals for CCS deployment based on the 2DS scenario, as well as recommended actions.   

The Roadmap outlines altogether 24 actions, out of which we have identified seven key actions to be undertaken during the ongoing decade:

  • Introduce financial support mechanisms for demonstration and early deployment
  • Develop laws and regulations that effectively require new-build power capacity to be CCS-ready
  • Significantly increase efforts to improve understanding among the public and stakeholders of CCS technology
  • Implement policies that encourage storage exploration, characterisation and development for CCS projects
  • Reduce the cost of electricity from power plants equipped with capture through continued technology development
  • Prove capture systems at pilot scale in industrial applications and
  • Encourage efficient development of CO2 transport infrastructure

In order for the Roadmap to serve as a useful tool for policy makers, industry and stakeholders, we intend to track progress towards the actions of the roadmap. We are developing comprehensive metrics for each action and are engaging with various partners to collect relevant data.