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carbon capture... CCS strategy and policy

CCS is a GHG emission reduction technology, whose deployment is dependent on an enabling policy framework. Given the substantial contribution CCS can potentially make in mitigating the risk of climate change, the quality of the policy matters. The Agency is engaged in analysing and developing options that policymakers can use for promoting safe and accountable CCS and for overcoming barriers to its deployment. This work includes national level CCS-specific policy and global climate policy development.

The IEA CCS Roadmap is a key document in this regard and many activities follow from its recommendations.

Key activities of the Agency include:

  • Tracking progress and advising governments on the role of CCS in a portfolio of climate change mitigation options, including incentive mechanisms, financing schemes, and public acceptance issues
  • Development of strategic pathways to effectively integrate CCS into industrial systems. Policy issues that are the focus of the Agency’s analysis include the use of CCS in conjunction with bioenergy, CCS and enhanced oil recovery, CCS in the power generation and industrial sectors
  • Analysis of various UNFCCC mechanisms that could be used for CCS (CDM, NAMA, LCDS, Technology Mechanism) in post-2012 climate frameworks

Developing policy frameworks for CCS often require a global approach. This is particularly the case with setting the necessary climate policy goals under the United Nations Framework Convention for Climate Change (UNFCCC). The IEA has contributed to global climate negotiations by providing expert advice on the role of CCS, for example as regards the inclusion of CCS in CDM.

The IEA is also engaged in other global collaboration activities in the area of CCS. Between 2007-2010, the G8 process included global dialogue on low-carbon energy issues, including CCS. From 2010, the Clean Energy Ministerial  process has made progress is advancing CCS, within its Action Group for COâ‚‚Capture, Use and Storage, or “CCUS”.