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carbon capture... CCS Model Regulatory Framework

The Model Framework proposes principles for addressing twenty-nine key issues associated with regulating CCS, based on the work of early-movers such as Australia, Europe and the United States, to assist national and regional CCS regulatory framework development.

For each issue, an explanation is provided as well as examples of how the issue has been addressed in existing legislation. For CO₂ storage issues, base, or “starting point”, model legislative text is also provided, which countries and regions can draw on in developing CCS regulatory frameworks.

CCS Model Regulatory Framework (full version)

Issues addressed include:

Classification of CO₂ Engaging the public in decision-making Corrective measures and remediation measures
Property rights CO₂capture Liability during the project period
Competition with other users and preferential rights  issue CO₂transportation Authorisation for storage site closure
Transboundary movement of CO₂ Scope of framework and prohibitions Liability during the post-closure period
International laws on protection of the marine  environment Definitions and terminology applicable to regulating  CO₂ storage Financial contributions to post-closure stewardship
Incentivising CCS as part of climate change mitigation  strategies Authorisation of storage site exploration activities Sharing knowledge and experience through the  demonstration phase
Protecting human health Regulating site selection and characterisation  activities CCS Ready
Composition of the CO₂ stream Authorisation of storage activities Using CCS for biomass-based sources
The role of environmental impact assessment Project inspections Understanding enhanced hydrocarbon recovery with CCS
Third-party access to storage site and transportation  infrastructure Monitoring, reporting and verification requirements