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carbon capture... CCS legal and regulatory issues

Safe and effective deployment of CCS technologies raises many legal and regulatory issues. The IEA supports CCS legal and regulatory development in Member and non-Member countries by providing neutral fora for sharing CCS legal and regulatory information and experience, analysis of issues related to regulatory design and by undertaking targeted engagement with individual countries.

The IEA’s principle knowledge-sharing forum is the IEA International CCS Regulatory Network. The Network provides an objective forum for CCS regulators, policy makers and stakeholders to discuss and share updates and views on CCS regulatory developments through annual face-to-face meetings, quarterly web-based seminars and ad-hoc meetings on specific CCS regulatory issues and through email updates. Every six months the IEA also produces a Carbon Capture and Storage Legal and Regulatory Review(CCS Review). By collating contributions by national and regional governments, as well as leading organisations engaged in CCS regulatory activities, the CCS Review provides a regular update on legislative and regulatory activity for CCS. The CCS Review also summarises anticipated regulatory developments and discusses topical legal and regulatory themes.

Recent IEA CCS legal and regulatory analysis includes the 2010 IEA Carbon Capture and Storage Model Regulatory Framework and the 2011 Carbon Capture and Storage and the London Protocol: Options for Enabling Transboundary CO₂Transfer. The Model Framework proposes principles for addressing 29 key regulatory issues, based on the work of early-movers such as Australia, Europe and the United States. The London Protocol paper outlines options that may be available to contracting parties under international law to address the barrier to deployment currently presented by Article 6 of the London Protocol, which contracting parties have interpreted as prohibiting cross-border transportation of CO₂for sub-seabed storage.

Recent IEA CCS legal and regulatory engagement includes an IEA-Indonesian Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources CCS legal and regulatory working meeting held in Jakarta, Indonesia in July 2011; a legal and regulatory workshop held in Johannesburg, South Africa in April 2011 with the South African Department of Energy and South African Centre for Carbon Capture and Storage; and a CCS roundtable held in Putrajaya, Malaysia in March 2011 with the Malaysian Ministry of Energy, Green Technology and Water.