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carbon capture... CCS global collaboration

Analysis by the Agency shows that if carbon capture and storage is to play its full role in combating climate change, a large share of CCS projects, perhaps up to 65% by 2050, will need to be deployed in countries outside the OECD. This poses significant challenges for policy, financing and regulatory development. As part of the wider global collaboration with non-member countries, the IEA works together with many developing countries and emerging economies on relevant aspects of carbon capture and storage.

This collaboration is tailor-made to suit the needs of the partner country in question. It can include for example building capacity to understand what role CCS can play in the energy technology mix, technical and economic aspects, legal and regulatory issues, or wider issues of suitable policy design for the country.

The IEA has run a series of meetings with representatives of governments and other key stakeholders in a number of countries. These "roundtables" have had the objective to share knowledge, to discuss the potential role of CCS and to learn about the particular challenges facing the uptake of the technology. Summaries of roundtable meetings can be found below:

Other Events:

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