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Terms and conditions: IEA Statistics books and IEA Statistics PDFs

For the purposes of these terms and conditions ‘subscriber’ means the individual or organisation that has purchased a publication from the International Energy Agency (IEA) and the term ‘user’ means any individual user who is an employee of a subscriber or an individual performing the functions of an employee on a temporary basis, independent contractor or consultant who is performing work solely for the subscriber and who accesses that publication.

- Use of any data or statistics publication that the IEA provides in the form of a papercopy book or PDF via its Bookshop (‘IEA Data’) constitutes an agreement between the IEA and the subscriber as well as the subscriber’s and each user’s acceptance of the following terms and conditions and the IEA's disclaimer.

- IEA Data is subject to copyright by the OECD/IEA. The subscriber is responsible for any breach of copyright it or its users may commit.

- Portions of the IEA Data may contain material or information copyrighted by a third party. If the subscriber or its user(s) wish to reproduce any such material, it must obtain the necessary permission from the copyright owner.

- The subscriber and it user(s) may not sell any of the IEA Data.

- A given user may use the IEA Data and, where possible, download the IEA Data for the internal purposes of his/her organisation only.

The following forms of copying are permitted and do not require the prior written permission of the IEA:

- Officials representing departments or ministries of IEA Member countries may access IEA Data for official purposes and reproduce, distribute and/or store the IEA Data within their government (government departments/ ministries only) on condition that the government/officials comply with the obligations of the subscribers/users in articles 1-7 and 11 of these terms and conditions;

- all other subscribers and users may issue a public statement which refers to a given data point within the IEA Data, provided such statements are issued on an infrequent and occasional basis.

- If the user has the right to reproduce certain portions of IEA Data in accordance with these terms and conditions, the user must ensure that all such material or information is clearly attributed to the IEA, and bears a notation that it is copyrighted by the OECD/IEA, with the year of the copyright and the publication from which it was taken (i.e., [name of publication] © OECD/IEA, [year of publication]).

To the extent that the IEA has provided a password to user, the user may not give his/her password to any other individual.

To the extent that the subscriber has purchased a single-user license to a PDF of the IEA Data, the single-user:

- can circulate one papercopy print-out of the IEA Data within the subscriber’s organisation;

- can store, only in paper, one copy of the IEA Data for consultation purposes (i.e.; in the subscriber’s library);

- can access the IEA Data online via the password-protected website by using the password designated to them by the IEA (only the individual registered user may do so); and

- cannot circulate or redistribute the PDF version electronically inside or outside the subscriber’s organisation.

A single-user license does not allow the user to publish any IEA Data on his/her organisation’s intranet.

To the extent that the subscriber has purchased a multi-user licence to the IEA Data, all of the above terms and conditions that apply to a PDF single-user licence also apply to PDF multi-user licence. Furthermore, such a multi-user subscriber may:

- access the IEA Data online via the password-protected website by using the password designated by the IEA and give the password to as many users in the subscriber’s organisation as the given licence allows; and;

- if the licence is for more than 10 users, make the PDF version available on the subscriber’s intranet and/or make the link to the IEA website. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the subscriber is not allowed to make the IEA Data available to clients or to any other third parties, not even via the subscriber’s intranet.

Furthermore, the subscriber is required to ensure that the number of users to whom it gives a password to the IEA Data does not exceed the number of users provided for in the license that the subscriber has purchased from the IEA.

For the purposes of these terms and conditions of use, the term 'organisation' does not extend to affiliates, subsidiaries, sister or parent companies.

- For any other use of the IEA Data, including but not limited to the publication or transmission of portions of IEA Data to any third parties via any medium, the subscriber must obtain the prior written consent of the IEA (click here to send a request).