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Terms and conditions: information subject to charge, but not the Oil Market Report and IEA Statistics books, IEA Statistics pdfs, IEA Statistics CD-Roms and IEA Statistics online services

A. General terms and conditions

For the purposes of these Terms and Conditions, 'subscribe' means the individual or organisation that has purchased a license from the IEA and the term 'user' means any individual who is an employee of the subscriber or an individual performing the functions of an employee on a temporary basis, independent contractor or consultant who is performing work solely for the subscriber and who accesses the IEA Information.

Use of any material or information that the International Energy Agency (IEA) provides subject to charge ('IEA Information') constitutes an agreement between the IEA and the subscriber as well as the subscriber's and each user’s acceptance of the following terms and conditions and the IEA's disclaimer.

Any IEA Information provided to the user is subject to copyright by the OECD/IEA. The user is responsible for any breach of copyright it may commit.

Portions of the IEA Information may contain material or information copyrighted by a third party. If the user wishes to reproduce any such material or information, it must obtain the necessary permission from the copyright owner.

The following forms of copying are permitted and do not require the prior written permission of the IEA:

- Officials representing departments or ministries of IEA Member countries may access the IEA Information for official purposes and reproduce, distribute and/or store the IEA Information within their government (government departments/ ministries only), on condition that the government/officials comply with the obligations of users in Section A "General terms and conditions" of these terms and conditions;

- all other users may use and reproduce any IEA Information, provided, however, that a user may only reproduce limited portions of the IEA Information (not exceeding 5% of the total content of a given publication).

Except with prior permission in writing from the IEA (click here to send a request), the user:

- cannot modify, translate, alter, amend or disassemble any IEA Information in any way (subject to article 4, above);
- cannot alter, delete or conceal the copyright notices contained in any IEA Information; and
- cannot store any IEA Information in a shared electronic archive or database.

If the user has the right to reproduce certain portions of any IEA Information in accordance with these terms and conditions, the user must ensure that all such material or information is clearly attributed to the IEA, and bears a notation that it is copyrighted by the OECD/IEA, with the year of the copyright and the publication from which it was taken (i.e., [name of publication] © OECD/IEA, [year])

Provided the above terms and conditions are fully respected, a user who maintains a website may include hyperlinks to the IEA website or to any IEA Information, without having to seek specific permission. However, permission to include a hyperlink does not include permission to use the IEA logo or acronym or any of its intellectual property without prior written permission.

A link to the IEA website, or any of its web pages, may not be used for the promotion of any organisation, company or individual or any commercial products or services.

B. Terms and conditions for use of IEA PDF publications (for IEA Statistics PDFs click here)

To the extent that the subscriber has purchased a single-user license to a PDF of an IEA publication:

- the subscriber can circulate one hard copy print-out of the PDF version within the subscriber’s organisation;
- the subscriber can store, only in hard copy, one copy of the PDF version for consultation purposes (i.e.; in the subscriber’s library);
- the individual registered user only may access the PDF version online by using the password designated to them by the IEA; and
- the subscriber cannot circulate or redistribute the PDF version electronically inside or outside the subscriber’s organisation.

A single-user license does not allow the subscriber/user to publish the PDF version on his/her organisation’s intranet.

To the extent that the subscriber has purchased a multi-user licence to the PDF version, all of the above terms and conditions that apply to a PDF single-user licence also apply to PDF multi-user licence. Furthermore, such a multi-user subscriber can:

- access the PDF version online by using the password designated by the IEA and give the password to as many users in the subscriber’s organisation as the given licence allows; and

- if the license is for more than 10 users (but more than 100 users in the case of any edition of World Energy Outlook (WEO) and/or Energy Technology Perspectives (ETP)), make the PDF version available on the subscriber’s intranet and/or make the link to the IEA website. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the subscriber is not allowed to make the PDF version available to clients or to any other third parties, not even via the subscriber’s intranet.

Furthermore, the subscriber is required to ensure that the number of users to whom it gives a password to the PDF version does not exceed the number of users provided for in the license that the subscriber has purchased from the IEA.

For the purposes of these terms and conditions of use, the term “organisation" does not extend to affiliates, subsidiaries, sister or parent companies.

C. Terms and conditions for an entity (i.e.; agent) purchasing information subject to charge on behalf of an end user

To the extent that an entity purchases any material or information (‘Information’) from the International Energy Agency (IEA) for the purposes of selling such Information directly to a third party, such entity (the ‘Agent’) is required to abide by the following:

- where a password is provided by the IEA in connection with the Information, the Agent will provide this password directly to the end user and will not use such password itself or provide the password to any third party.

- if advertising the Information on its website, the Agent will state clearly that the IEA is the author of the Information and include a notation that the Information is subject to the copyright of the IEA.

- if advertising the Information on its website, the Agent will use the IEA logo on its website alongside reference to the IEA’s publications or on any other advertising material it may publish with respect to the IEA’s publications only if the Agent has received the prior written consent of the IEA.

- if the Agent receives a 50% or greater discount from the IEA when purchasing the Information, the Agent will ensure that the third party to whom it is selling the Information receives at least a 30% discount off the Information’s original price.

The Agent will ensure that the third party to which it is selling the Information is made aware of the terms and conditions of use that apply to such Information.