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Terms and conditions - IEA information and material except for the IEA/IRENA Global Renewable Energy Policies and Measures Database



Last amended on 10 September 2014

1.         Introduction

Use of the IEA website (, its related websites ( and and any of the content made available on or through them except for the IEA/IRENA Global Renewable Energy Polices and Measures Database (together the Information) constitutes your acceptance of these terms and conditions.  The IEA or its licensors retain copyright, database rights and any other applicable intellectual property rights in the Information despite any licences granted to you under these terms and conditions.

2.         Use of the Information

(a)        Permitted use

Unless exclusions apply (see the Exclusions sub-section 2(f) below) or unless the Information is indicated as being licensed under a particular Creative Commons IGO license, you are permitted to use the Information as follows:

Internal use:

You may download, print, and retain one copy of the Information for your own analysis and evaluation purposes only.  You must not share, or enable others to access, any Information unless:

§   the Information is Subscriber Material and specific sharing is permitted depending on the number of users covered by the licence (see section 3 Subscriptions below); or

§   you are an official working for an IEA Member country.  If so, you may store, access, reproduce and/or distribute the Information for your government’s internal purposes only.

External use:

Subject to the Exclusions sub-section 2(f), you may reproduce Insubstantial Amounts of the Information in your own work and distribute such work to the public free of charge only, provided that:

·           such reproduction is on an occasional basis;

·           any reproduction of numerical data from the Information is presented either in graphical format, or aggregated, in both cases in such a manner that the reader cannot reverse engineer or extract the raw underlying numerical data;

·           excerpts of non-data IEA Information, including text, graphs and/or figures, must be reproduced in their entirety without any modification to the excerpt’s content; and

·           you comply with the Attribution sub-section 2(b) below.

Furthermore, you may publish 1 (one) data point from the Information in any of your work (whether it be distributed free of charge or for profit).

“Insubstantial Amounts” means excerpts or portions of the Information that are immaterial (in terms of quantity, quality and/or significance) in the context of both the Information and your work and which, on their own or when compiled together, do not affect the IEA’s ability to licence the Information and which could not serve as a substitute for the Information. 

If you wish to use the Information in a way that is not permitted above (including if you want to sell the work in which IEA Information is reproduced), please email with your rights request and provide the information listed here.     

(b)          Attribution 

If you reproduce excerpts of any Information in your work, you must attribute the OECD/IEA and/or their licensors with the following copyright notice:

  • Information that is not data:  © OECD/IEA[/co-author(s) if any][year], [Title], IEA Publishing. License: [link to these terms and conditions] e.g. © OECD/IEA2013 World Energy Outlook, IEA Publishing.  Licence: [link to these terms and conditions]
  • numerical data presented in aggregated or graphical format:  Based on IEA data from [Title of IEA database] © OECD/IEA[/co-author(s) if any][year], IEA Publishing; modified by [your legal entity name]. License: [link to these terms and conditions] e.g. Based on IEA data from the Monthly Oil Data Service © OECD/IEA 2014, IEA Publishing; modified by Data User Name.  Licence:  [link to these terms and conditions]

If Information is licensed under a Creative Commons IGO license, please refer to the relevant license which will specify different attribution requirements.

(c)        Linking 

You may include links to the IEA websites and to free-of-charge OECD/IEA-owned Information provided that (a) the link does not infringe the OECD’s or IEA’s rights; (b) the link appears clearly with the complete IEA URL; (c) you do not create frames, or use other visual altering tools, around the IEA web pages; and (d) you email to notify us that you have created a link.

(d)        No endorsement or affiliation

You may not use the IEA logo/emblem without the IEA’s prior written consent.  Furthermore, you may not use the Information, or link to the Information, in a way that suggests that the IEA approves, participates in, is connected/affiliated/associated with, sponsors, or otherwise endorses you, your entity and/or your use of the Information. 

(e)        Duration of licence

The licence granted under these terms and conditions lasts for the duration of the term of the copyright in the relevant licensed Information. 

The IEA reserves the right at any time and without prior notice to (a) update these terms and conditions and (b) release any Information under different licence terms.  By continuing to use the Information after the terms and conditions have been amended, you acknowledge, agree and accept such amendments.  However, any previous licences granted by the OECD/IEA in respect of Information that are still in effect will continue in full force and effect, unless terminated for breach. 

If you breach these terms and conditions, any and all licences granted to you pursuant to these terms and conditions will terminate automatically.  Termination shall not affect any rights the IEA may have to seek remedies for your licence breach.

(f)         Exclusions 

The licence granted under these terms and conditions does not cover (a) the IEA/IRENA Global Renewable Energy Policies and Measures Database which is subject to the Joint Database Terms and Conditions set out at, (b) any personal data in the Information, (c) trade marks, logos, emblems (including the IEA and OECD emblems), patents or design rights, nor (d) any Information, including any graphs or figures, that are identified as being owned or sourced from third parties (i.e. non-IEA Information).  It is your responsibility to obtain the necessary permission to use such Information from the relevant third party copyright owner; you alone are liable for any infringement claims in relation to your use of such third party Information. 

Furthermore, nothing in these terms and conditions affects any fair dealing, fair use or any other copyright or database right exceptions and limitations you may enjoy.    


3.         Subscriptions 


In these terms and conditions, “Subscriber Material” means Information subject to charge and “Subscriber” means either (a) an individual that purchases a licence for his or her own access and use of Subscriber Material or (b) an entity that purchases a licence for its employees to access and use the Subscriber Material.  In the case of non-individual Subscribers, passwords to access the Subscriber Material may only be notified to up to the number of Subscriber’s employees covered by the licence (the User(s)) and Subscriber and Users must not allow any other people to access and use the Subscriber Material, except that a:

·           single-user licence also permits the Subscriber to store one hard copy only of such Subscriber Material in the Subscriber’s library and/or circulate it amongst the Subscriber’s employees;

·           multi-user licence for more than 10 Users (or 50 Users in the case of the Monthly Oil Data Service or 100 Users in the case of any edition of the World Energy Outlook and Energy Technology Perspectives) also permits the Subscriber to share such Subscriber Material in electronic format with all its employees (but not including employees of Affiliates (see definition at the end of this section 3)) or an independent contractor who needs to access the Subscriber Material in order to perform work solely for the Subscriber – as of 1 January 2015 a multi-user licence for 20 or more Users will enable the Subscriber to share any type of Subscriber Material, except for Online Data Services or the Monthly Oil Data Service, in the aforementioned manner; and

·           “global corporate licence” also permits the Subscriber to share such Subscriber Material in electronic format with employees of the Subscriber’s legal entity and also its Affiliates. For example, a Subscriber to a global corporate licence could post the Subscriber Material on its global/group intranet.

A Subscriber is deemed to accept these terms and conditions upon purchase of the relevant licence to the Subscriber Material.  Non-individual Subscribers must ensure that their Users comply with them.

The IEA reserves the right to terminate a Subscriber’s (and where relevant its User’s/Users’) access to any Subscriber Material if it becomes aware that the Subscriber or any User(s) have committed a breach of these terms and conditions. If a subscription is terminated for breach, the Subscriber and its User(s) must cease use or distribution of the Subscriber Material and any material relating to the Subscriber’s breach.  Furthermore, the Subscriber must ensure the destruction and deletion of any copies of Subscriber Material and any material relating to the Subscriber’s or its User’s/Users’ breach in their possession and/or control.

Subscribers have the right to cancel their subscription at any time.  If a subscription expires or is cancelled other than for breach, the Subscriber’s access to the Subscriber Material will be terminated but the Subscriber may retain any PDF or authorised copies of the Subscriber Material, whether electronically or in hard copy, and continue to use them in accordance with these terms and conditions.  However, the IEA will not refund any pre-paid subscription fees for any remaining period of a subscription after the date of termination or cancellation.

Subscribers are responsible for the procurement, installation and maintenance of any software or equipment that enables them and their user(s) to access the Subscriber Material.

 “Affiliates” means any company which is directly or indirectly affiliated with the Subscriber.  A particular company is (a) directly affiliated with Subscriber if the latter holds 50% or more of the shares or similar entitlements carrying the right to vote at a general meeting (or its equivalent) of the particular company; and (b) indirectly affiliated with Subscriber if a series of companies can be specified, beginning with Subscriber and ending with the particular company, so that each company in the series, except Subscriber, is directly affiliated with one or more companies earlier in the series.

All enquiries about subscriptions should be sent to and all media-related requests should be sent to

4.            Privacy 

Please read our Privacy Protection Policy which governs the way the IEA uses information it receives from you in relation to your use of the IEA websites or Information.

5.         Disclaimer

The IEA provides the Information (including the IEA websites) on an “as is” and “as available” basis. The IEA’s goal is to keep the Information accurate and complete, but it makes no representations, guarantees or warranties (express, implied or otherwise) of any kind concerning the Information, including without limitation no warranties of satisfactory quality, availability, fitness for a particular purpose, accuracy, completeness, merchantability, up-to-datedness, title or against infringement of the proprietary or other rights of third parties.  The IEA reserves its right to change, update or discontinue in any way part or all of the Information without notice or any liability.

The Information is not intended to be and should not be relied upon by you in making (or refraining from making) any decisions.  The OECD and the IEA shall not, under any circumstances, be liable to you for any loss, damage, liability or expense incurred or suffered (including all loss of profit, loss of use, loss of revenue, loss of contracts, increased costs and expenses and all special, indirect and consequential losses) which is claimed to result from access (or lack of access) to, use of, or reliance on, the Information, including without limitation, from any fault, error, omission, interruption or delay in such respect. Use of the Information is at the Subscriber’s, any User’s and your sole risk.

Except where expressly stated, the Information does not necessarily represent the views or policies of the IEA Secretariat and/or individual IEA Member countries. 

The Information does not imply the expression of any opinion whatsoever on the part of the IEA Secretariat concerning the legal status of any country or of its authorities. The Information and any maps included in it are without prejudice to the status of or sovereignty over any territory, to the delimitation of international frontiers and boundaries and to the name of any territory, city or area.

The IEA may mention or refer to specific companies, certain products or information on external websites.  This does not imply IEA endorsement, preference or recommendation in such respect.  Reliance on this third party material is at your sole risk.

The IEA reserves the right at its sole discretion to deny any access to the IEA websites or any portion of them without notice.  For site security purpose and to ensure that the IEA websites remain available to all users, we may employ software programmes to monitor network traffic to identify unauthorised attempts to upload or change Information, or otherwise cause damage and to detect other possible security breaches.

7.            General 

Nothing in these terms and conditions shall constitute or be considered to be a limitation upon or a waiver of the privileges and immunities that may apply to the OECD and the IEA, which are specifically reserved.

Failure by either you or the IEA to exercise any right or remedy under these terms and conditions does not constitute a waiver of that right or remedy.

8.            Dispute resolution 

If any disputes arising under these terms and conditions cannot be settled amicably, either the OECD/IEA or you/the Subscriber may, pursuant to a notice of arbitration communicated by reasonable means to the other, elect to have the dispute referred to and finally determined by arbitration. The arbitration shall be conducted in accordance with the UNCITRAL Arbitration Rules as then in force. The arbitral tribunal shall consist of a sole arbitrator and the language of the proceedings shall be English unless otherwise agreed. The place of arbitration shall be Paris. The arbitral proceedings shall be conducted remotely (e.g., via telephone conference or written submissions) whenever practicable.