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The IEA provides support for international collaboration on energy technology R&D, deployment and information dissemination. These groups function within a framework created by the IEA - the International Framework for International Energy Technology Collaboration. The views, findings and publications of these international groups (formally called Implementing Agreements) do not necessarily represent the views or policies of the IEA Secretariat or of all its individual member countries. OECD Member countries, autonomous OECD non-member countries, intergovernmental organisations, non-governmental organisations and private sector entities may participate. For more information, see our Technology Agreements page.


Concentrated Solar Power (CPS) technologies use large, sun-tracking mirrors to concentrate solar radiation. However, the final steps of generating electricity using CSP systems is similar to conventional electricity generation - the ultimate energy conversion process depends on the use of steam or gas to rotate turbines, or move a piston in a Stirling engine. In a CSP system, however, steam or hot gas is produced by the concentrated solar radiation. CSP technologies have been constructed in various sizes, from small multi-kW systems, to large power stations of several MW. These power stations have provided the cheapest electricity to be generated using solar power.

Signatories : Algeria | Australia | Austria | Brazil | China | Egypt | France | Germany | Israel | Italy | Korea, Republic of | Mexico | Morocco | Morocco | South Africa | Spain | Switzerland | United Arab Emirates | United States | Commission of the European Union | Mitsubishi Corporation |
For more information: http://www.solarpaces.org/

Current Projects (Annexes)

01. Concentrating Solar Electric Power Systems
The design, testing, demonstration, evaluation and application of solar thermal electric systems, including parabolic troughs, power towers and dish/engine system.


02. Solar Chemistry Research
Development of engineering aspects of precommercial and demonstrational solar chemical systems projects, and basic research on solar-specific chemical reactions and processes.


03. Concentrating Solar Technology and Applications
Develop/test solar components and subsystems; refine computation/measurement techniques and facilities; advance specific solar technology areas.


04. SHIP Solar Heat for Industrial Processes
This task is a collaborative research project of the IEA Solar Heating and Cooling Programme and the SolarPACES Programme bringing together experts and industries from the reesidential solar heating field and the high temperature sola power field. To accomplish the objectives of the task, the participants are carrying out research and development in the framework of the following four sectors: IV.1: Solar Process Heat Survey and Dissemination of Task Results (Lead Country: Spain) IV.2: Investigation of Industrial Energy Systems (Lead Country: Austria) IV.3: Collectors and Components (Lead Country: Germany) IV.4: System Integration and Demonstration (Lead Country: Germany)


05. Solar Resource Knowledge Management
Develop and provide better information and services on solar irradiance. V.1 Standardization and benchmarking of solar resource products V.2 Common structure for archiving and accessing resource products V.3 Improved techniques for solar resource characterization and forecasting


06. Solar Energy & Water Processes and Applications
The Annex is organised into the following three domains or subtasks: VI.1: Concentrated Solar Power and Desalination Plants VI.2: Independent Solar Thermal Desalination Systems (kW-Size) VI.3: Solar Water Detoxification and Disinfection Systems