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Reversed Field Pinches

Reversed Field Pinches (RFPs) are one of the possible magnetic confinement alternatives to the tokamak concept, which is the main fusion magnetic confinement option. The RFP concept is less developed than the tokamak but offers potential advantages. The RFP requires a much weaker magnetic field, which may result in a significant advantage for fusion reactors. However, the reduced magnetic field also reduces plasma stability and confinement. Improvement of confinement is one of the major objectives of on-going research.

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Current Projects (Annexes)

01. Co-ordination of R&D Work on Reversed Field Pinches
Improve the experimental and theoretical programmes of the participants through information exchange and co-ordinated studies


02. Joint Work on the Investigation of Plasma Confinement Physics and Technology in RFX
Obtain better understanding of Reversed Field Pinches physics and technology by jointly exploiting the RFX apparatus