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Nuclear Technology of Fusion Reactors

Breeder blanket and shield technologies, including tritium handling and processing, and radiation shielding are essential elements of fusion power technology. The Implementing Agreement on Nuclear Technology of Fusion Reactors deals with the technology of such components for tritium production and processing, energy extraction, and radiation shielding. The Agreement focuses on the first wall, blanket, shield and plasma-facing components of the fusion reactors. The work programme includes formulation and co-ordination of R&D programs; conduction of experiments on prototype components and validation of computational methods and computer codes for tritium breeding evaluations, radiation shielding and tritium processing. Breeding blanket R&D includes investigations and irradiation experiments on ceramic breeders, beryllium and liquid metals and related neutronics analysis. Joint planning for collaborative work on blankets is proceeding in line with the strategy and programmes of the ITER project.

Signatories : Canada | China | India | Japan | Korea, Republic of | Russian Federation | United States | European Commission |
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Current Projects (Annexes)

01. Tritium Breeding Blanket, Radiation Shielding & Tritium Processing Systems of Fusion Reactors
Develop a technology base for blanket, shield and tritium processing systems of fusion reactors


02. Plasma-Facing Components for Fusion Reactors
R&D demostrations of PCF for next generation fusion devices.