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IEA Energy Technology Essentials

Brief profiles on today’s energy technologies

Insight for taking decisions

Renewable Energy Essentials: Geothermal (September 2010)

Concentrating Solar Thermal Power (December 2009)

Solar Heating and Cooling (December 2009)

Wind Power (December 2008)

Fuel Cells (No.6 - April 2007)

Hydrogen Production & Distribution (No.5- April 2007)

Nuclear Power (No.4 - Mar 2007)

Biomass for Power Generation and CHP (No.3 - Jan 2007)

Biofuel Production (No.2 - Jan 2007)

CO2 Capture and Storage (No.1 - Dec. 2006)


The IEA Energy Technology Essentials series offers concise four-page updates on the different technologies for producing, transporting and using energy.

These regularly updated factsheets address key questions about technical status, cost, potential role, timescales, markets and deployment barriers.

To be released:

  • Photovoltaics
  • Fusion Power
  • Oil production

and more to follow...