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TechnologyNetworkLogoThe IEA supports international energy technology research, development, deployment, and knowledge transfer through multilateral groups (formally known as Implementing Agreements or 'IAs'). The experts participating in the activities of the Implementing Agreements represent public and private sector entities worldwide. Together, these experts share knowledge – and resources – to advance energy technologies.


Renewable energies and hydrogen

Renewables Deployment
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Concentrating Solar Power

Recent activities and findings

Ocean energy environmental webinar series

The next webinar in the series from the Ocean energy systems initiative (OES IA) on 3 February will examine the effects of energy removal on physical systems and will feature three modeling approaches. More...

Geothermal Annual Report 

The recently published 2012 Annual Report from the Geothermal initiative (Geothermal IA) discusses the global scene in which the Geothermal IA operates, and outlines the extensive worldwide geothermal energy potential and contribution that geothermal made to the global energy supply in 2012. A review of the current activities and accomplishments of this initiative are presented along with plans for 2013 and beyond. Download here

Bioenergy news

The December 2014 newsletter from the Bioenergy IA features an editorial on the recent workshop on Land Use and Mitigating iLUC, and highlights of other activities, publications and forthcoming events.  Download here.  

Latest hydrogen activities and updates

The winter 2014 issue of HIA News from the Hydrogen initiative (Hydrogen IA) is now available for download here.  

Next generation policy instruments for renewable transport: call for tender

The Renewable Energy Technology Deployment initiative (RETD IA) has published a call for tender for its next project: Next generation policy instruments for renewable transport (RES-T-NEXT). The aim of this project is to present new ideas for policy support that contribute to a broader energy transition. The deadline for submission of proposals is 22 January 2015 and more information can be downloaded from the website here.

Solar Heating and Cooling Award goes to pioneering French solar municipality

This year's 2014 SHC Solar Award, awarded by the Solar Heating and Cooling programme (SHC IA) has been presented to the French city of Montmélian (Savoie), a solar thermal pioneer for more than thirty years.  The Mayor received the award on behalf of the city at the International Conference on Solar Heating and Cooling for Buildings and Industry held in Beijing, 13-15 October.  More...  

Ocean energy poster award identifies new talent

Sponsored by the Ocean Energy Systems initiative (OES IA) this award seeks to identify early-career individuals expected to continue making significant contributions to the development of the ocean energy industry.  For information on this year's winners visit the OES IA website here.

Solar Update newsletter features country highlight on China

The October issue of the newsletter from the Solar Heating and Cooling initiative (SHC IA) features a country highlight on China, an update on the recent SHC 2014 conference, and news on current projects and recent publications.  Download here.  

Latest trends in photovoltaic applications

This 19th edition of Trends in Photovoltaic Applications from the Photovoltaic (PV) Power Systems programme (PVPS IA) aims at providing a comprehensive analysis of the photovoltaic market evolution, together with the policy support for PV applications.  It is provided to assist those responsible for developing the strategies of businesses and public authorities, and to aid the development of medium-term plans for electricity utilites and other providers of energy services.  It also provides guidance to government officials responsible for setting energy policy and preparing national energy plans.  Download here

Launch of two related reports on value creation and innovation policies

Two new related reports from the Renewable Energy Technology Deployment initiative (RETD IA) examine value creation along the renewable energy industrial value chain (RE-ValuePolicies), and innovation policies for emerging renewable technologies (RE-InnovationChain).  Both reports demonstrate that successful deployment of renewable energy requires integral policies addressing issues that lie beyond the direct sphere of renewable energy.   

Results of benchmarking exercise of offshore wind turbine dynamics codes

Final reports on offshore codes are now available on the Wind IA website. Download both technical and management reports here.     

Potential and challenges of drop-in biofuels

The goal of this recent report from the Bioenergy IA is to provide background on the topic of "drop-in" biofuels, an assessment of the various technical approaches being developed and an overview of anticipated challenges that might be encountered in large-scale commercialisation. The driver for producing "drop-in" fuels is that it would be preferable if biofuels could be functionally equivalent to current petroleum-derived fuels such that they could be readily "dropped into" the existing petroleum refining, distribution and use infrastructure.  The main report, as well as a 20-page executive summary, is available for download here.

Solar installations correspond to savings of more than 24 million tons of oil and 79 million tons of CO2 in 2012

The 2014 edition of Solar Heat Worldwide from the Solar Heating and Cooling initiative (SHC IA) documents the solar thermal capacity installed in the important markets worldwide (58 countries representing 95% of the solar thermal market) and ascertains the contribution of solar thermal systems to the supply of energy and the CO2 emissions avoided as a result of operating these systems.  Download here.    

‌New report examines the rise of the photovoltaic "prosumer"

The rise of the photovoltaic "prosumer" has the potential to transform the centralised electric utility model that has served the world for over 100 years into a more decentralised and interactive system.  This dynamic has generated significant interest among policy makers about strategies for engaging and managing photovoltaic (PV) prosumers, and the implications of prosumer development for citizens, industry, and the utility sector. This new report from the Renewable Energy Technology Deployment initiative (RETD IA) provides policy makers with the potential benefits, as well as costs and risks, in order to articulate the justification for supporting prosumers.  Finally, it discusses the different forms that PV prosumer policy strategies can take based on an evaluation of drivers and national objectives.  Download here

Long-term R&D needs for wind energy till 2030

Long-term Research and Development Needs for Wind Energy for the Time Frame 2012-2030 presents the R&D priorities identified by the Wind IA members and operating agents of the different research tasks and will be used to identify areas for co-operation to mutual advantage.  Other research organisations may also find this document useful in setting their own research agendas to advance wind energy technology. Download here

The Implementing Agreements in the category are reviewed by the Working Party on Renewable Energy Technologies (REWP)

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